Monday, April 16, 2007

We Will Stand For Truth...

"We will stand for truth and righteousness at all times and in all things and in all places...."

*Update to my previous post* I've been carrying on a conversation with "M&M" about what he knows of the church which is old traditions and not Gospel Doctrine. I only hope to let people know what was traditional practices of the times and what is Gospel Truths. I have been able to clearify some things and that's a great feeling. I like being able to have a discussion, a healthy conversation when each side can learn something, or is willing and open to learning something. Here is our most recent conversation:

Keep in mind to response on the previous post I basically explained what was said in my first post for this blog:

His response to what I mentioned:

"Thank you, you are very smart. It does not seem that we can be destroyed as Afro Americans with you in the church. I have dated many Mormons and knew many Mormon elders who left the church. My knowledge is accurate but people like you can make sure my knowledge does not continue to be true.. (I hope) "

He also went on to say:
"Joseph Smith believed in having more than one wife. He stole those doctrines from Nephi and his family. I have dated numerous Mormon women and had very good friends who were elders of the church, but no longer wished to be apart of the church. Jesus says only one wife. "Man and woman shall intertwine to make one rope". That's "ONE" rope not 7 or 8. In your church a woman is not allowed to know the full truth. .. I hope you can do something to change the ways of your church."

I went on to explain my view of Polygamy:
"But traditions aren't considered Gospel truths and certainly are not tolerated today.
Polygamy was practiced for a short time 100 or so years ago for several reason: back then in America, a woman could not even get land or home ownership or have a business unless it was through her husband or father, it had to be done by a male. It was difficult for a single woman, say widowed ,to get govt assistance or any assistance to feed herself and any children she might have, if not under the legal name of a male. It was more the security of preserving families, not just men sleeping around sexing women. When the U.S Government deemed it illegal, it was stopped. The church didn't continue it under some religious cover up, MY church banned it."

I also explained and this is strictly MY opinion:
"a group of bitter elders, who felt they should have the birthright of church presidency through bloodlines spun off their own religion and called themselves "Fundamentalist Mormons." This is where Warren Jeffs and is brew of illegals come from. They still practice polygamy illegally. Again, this is not MY Church. We govern ourselves to the Law of the land. meaning we can't just create our own laws of morality and hide under our religion for them."

To which he commented: "Mormons are not the only ones I check up on, I check up on all religions, it's just the Mormons turn. Then I go back to Christianity. And boy do they need help!"

I had to laugh and Agree to that, we do need help! Don't trip, cuz we do. I said Mormons listen well and learn wall and are a work in progress just as all of God's children are.

Hopefully that's one more person who understands a little better than they did before.
I enjoy conversations such as these: No anger, no competition. Simply exchange of light and knowledge, let the Holy Spirit do the rest!

Here's to HOPE!


Mark J. said...

Can you get an 'amen'?


It is curious to see so many good Mormons who fight tooth and nail to defend the status quo. These folks should be commended as "Defenders of the Faith" or what ever they want to call themselves. Yet the same types of defenders bailed out of the Church when a new practice was revealed from the Lord. The introduction and subsequent repeal of polygamy as well as the long over-due extension of the Priesthood to all worthy males shattered the testimonies of many stalwarts like flying glass. How easy we forget that the Lord builds upon our doctrines 'line upon line and precept upon precept'.

ShaBANG said...

You are so right. And as each Doctrine is revealed, it is also a cleansing of the wheat from the tares. Such cleansing also needs to be done line upon line precept on precept.

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