Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Know That You Can Feel Bad and Recover

Today, I took inventory of the next couple weeks and found myself drowning in a sea of my own "needs." They aren't huge or laborious things they're just somethings I needed.
It put me in a foul and nasty mood. You know the kind of mood that makes you wanna cuss someone out for just saying hi or smiling at you. I've been pretty quite and keeping my distance because my fuse is short today.

I was cleaning out some old drafts from my main blog:

(about reality being real)

and came across this which, by the way has been EXACTLY how I'm feeling today so, I posted it.

Within a few minutes of posting the thing I receive Instant Messages from 2 of my favorite people. These two people I regard quite highly. They're always and example of being "the better part" of what we should be. There strength, example and friendship is precious to me.
It's been a while since I spoke with either one of them so it was really cool the logged in one right after the other.
The first one, always fun and lighthearted to speak with. The first one, as we were talking started to mention that lately she's been feeling sort of how I was this morning. She didn't really try and get me out of my mood, but just her knowing how I was feeling and even expressing that she, too had shared some of those was enough. Sometimes we get into absolutely miserable moods for no reason, or for the simple fact that Lucifer loves company and he's working overtime on YOU for a spell. And we convince ourselves that nobody else feels that way, no body else cares. Just knowing that someone else understands your struggle and them coming along willing to share it, makes that burden so much lighter. I was well relieved. And in our short comings we talked about how we hadn't finished reading the Book OF Mormon yet and that we've been stuck in the book of Alma for a while. But even through talking about that Short coming we were able to discuss what we had learned and what we WERE gaining from the point that we stopped.

Turns out that things aren't so bad as we think they are. And most of the time they aren't as badly as we feel. It's ok to get upset and angry and move into pissosity! But it's not OK to stay in that place too long. It's never a good thing to be S.O.S (stuck on Stupid) You can and will feel bad, but it's wonderful to know that YES! You will recover if you allow yourself to.

The Lord does send what you need when you need it. Even if you don't recognize it!
I feel recovered. Thanks Cliffy and WonderGirl :) Today, you have made me smile!


Joycelyn said...

Finding someone to validate what you are feeling is very liberating. Sometimes you just need to hear that it's ok to feel the way you do, to vent it all out...not to find a fix.

ShaBANG said...

That's EXACTLY RIGHT! I get frustrated when I just need someone to listen and to know someone understands what it's like to feel that way you're feeling. I don't want someone to fix me or my problems, that's my job. But just the comfort of having someone there to listen and converse with is usually enough. Or even to just be there, another human next to you so you don't feel alone, and not have them think they have all the answers. I think we forget that sometimes the greatest strength and support we can give someone is not our words, but our presence.

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