Saturday, January 1, 2011

Have A Happy New Year, But don't make slap you!

2011 Welcome! This year already came in some crazy kinda way! I spent the "EVE" with my family in Downtown SLC EVE Celebration. It was pretty fun extremely cold. abt 9 degrees outside. We layered up and rode the trax train (metro) down into the city. There was quite a bit going on:Bandstands set up with local bands playing. Outdoor fire circus. Ice Sculptures, snow board/ski jump exhibition, Charlie Chaplin film shorts, Improv Comedy, Lazer music shows, Karaoke, Sing-a-longs, and so much more! They had little "hobo heaters" you could huddle around to keep warm.

The venues were from temple square to the gateway. And the Metro was free for anyone with an EVE pass.
All in all we all would do it again. It was a good time for 10 bucks.
About 11:25 we decided it was time to go home. So we headed toward the traxx jumped on our train and headed home. We decided we'd hit a Denny's for some late night dinner and then head on home to start our new year. There was a Denny's restaurant just off one of the train stops so that would make it convenient.

This year we would start the New Year on the METRO. While waiting for our train a young man stepped on the platform unsure which train to take. He was with his friends for the evening and got separated from them so he was headed home. He was a bit turned around in his directions so I asked him where he was going and he mentioned the city just north of where we were headed. home. He had on a thin jacket, no hood or scarf. It was 11 degrees out with a bitter wind. I told him to stick with us until it was time for him to get off at his stop.
We rode the train and at each stop looked for our Denny's. We couldn't remember which stop it was on.
I enjoy riding the traxx. There are characters on there and incidents that make you look for the hidden camera cuz it HAS to be a joke or prank.
At one point the train came to a sudden stop. The Engineer got out of her car and kicked 2 people off. Not sure what was going on but I'm glad it wasn't me. IT's cold outside.
There was a man and his girlfriend and their young child, probably abt 4 yrs old arguing. He had been yelling and cussing her out since before we got on the train and she decided to stick up for herself. At one point she yelled... "Oh you're break up with me on New year's eve??? I DON'T THINK SO!!" As if she had a choice. We learned later her name is TRACI.
Also there was another couple on the train, Kit and his boyfriend. We never learned his name he was kind of quiet for most of the trip. As it got closer to the new year each stop we encountered had people yelling and waving happy new year.
About 11:55 KIT and my Sister In Law Cassie get the count down and at Midnight we all yelled and screamed Happy New year! I lead the people in our car in Singing Auld Lang Syne:
"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

Chorus.-For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne."

We gave out handshakes hugs and kisses to those on our train car and became fast friend however temporary it was we were bonded for our time together. Oddly enough we weren't seeing any Denny's at the stops and then it dawns on me the Denny's is at OUR stop! Duh!r
As we get to our stop we call out our Happy New Years to our friends and exit the train. As we're heading for the car I see a Silhouette in the parking lot of 2 people who appear to be sharing a new years kiss in the parking lot. I can kind of hear them speaking. Before I could turn my head one silhouette pushes the smaller one away and starts speaking In low angry tones.
I hear a female voice saying
"please... I'm cold."
The man turned and started walking away He had thick plaid jacket on and she slowly walking behind calling "PLEASE...I"m cold! The man kept walking away. I stopped to "observe" the situation a little more.
"Please....? She was calling to him! He kept walking. My daughter had stopped as well to "observe." The man turned around and came back to her, took off his jacket and draped it around her for a few seconds and they began to walk together. After about 3 steps he yanked his coat off of her and started walking away again.
My daughter Said it just as I thought it...
"NO! UH UH... I don't think so" She started walking toward them and I was right behind her. This man took off walking again and the young woman was crying...
"Please! Please I'm cold! PLEASE!!!!.....)
She had on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and some sneakers. No coat. No gloves. No hat. No scarf. No boots.

As my daughter and I took off walking after this couple and this Jerkhole of a man was putting some distance between himself and this woman, her screams became more shrieking and panicked and she crying and trembling so badly she was hardly able to walk. She followed behind him as best as she could. It was obvious at that point that whoever this guy was he couldn't care any less how this woman was feeling.
We were all quickly approaching her and I grabbed my daughter's arm and sort of pushed her behind me so I was ahead because we were all about to have a confrontation. I turned my head and saw my nephew and sister in law behind us.
I called out to her...
"Excuse me, do you need some help?"
She was crying and shivering so much she couldn't hear me. But Jerk-hole turned around and sort of looked right at me and stopped for the young woman to catch up, then draped his arm around her and turned and kept on walking. She was clinging to him for warmth and still crying.
"please. Please I'm soo cold, Please!"

Im thinking... "aw hell naw!"

I quickened my pace and called out to them just as they reached the corner...
"Hey!" They both turned around.
I Walked up to her and asked her If I could help her.
She was shaking, crying. It was below freezing and I don't blame her.

I asked her... "Would you like my coat? My car is just over there so I don't really need it and I have others at home?"
She pulled away from him and stepped toward me.
"Do you need this?" I asked her?
Jerk-hole said "she has a coat just right over there!" and pointed the next block over. I shot him a a look: "Shut the hell up and don't make me slap you!"

I started cleaning my pockets out, handing my wallet, cell, camera, earring, to my family who was now around me.
I took off my coat and put it on the woman who was sobbing by this time. She quickly wrapped it around her crying
"thank you! Oh thank you so much your are an angel..."
Jerkhole thought he'd take the opportunity to say one more time...
"she has a coat already..."
This time nephew said
"You know what? don't worry about it, we got this!"
The women tried to zip p the coat but couldn't grasp the zipper. I kneeled down and zipped her coat. My sister in law put on her hood and I took off my favorite scarf, wrapped it around her neck and face and asked her if there was anything else we can do for her.
She thanked us again, said she would be ok.
"Happy New Year" I told her as she hugged me.
"I hope it gets better for you" I said to her and shot Jerk-hole a "please say something so I can slap the crap outta you" look.

Jerk-hole again wrapped his arms around her and they walked toward the corner. Me and my family turned and walked back toward the parking lot quickly to clean off and jump in the car. When I get cold, I break out into hives, swell up and itch so I jumped in the car while the others cleaned it off. It was so cold the car windows were frosted over on the inside.
My heart went out to this woman. I was sad for her suffering and pissed off she was at the mercy of someone who all but left her in the snow to freeze. We were all quite a distance from any kind of warm building in this kind of cold and they were walking to their destination.
I hope she's truly ok and I hope she loses the jerk-hole!
To everyone out there remember this:
Have a Happy New year...But Don't make me slap you! We are NOT playin this game in 2011.

If this is a sign of what's to come this year then I'm ready.
C'mon 2011, no regrets BRING IT ON!

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