Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Master Has a Grand Design!

I touched on this for a minute in my main blog, but wanted to expand on it here.

I'll begin with the same first paragraphs:

Around January everything felt so up in the air. Just about every aspect of life was coming together and then something happened the end of January that just blew into my world like a tornado. I saw Dorothy, the wicked witch, even poor little toto.Not it's the end of April and the peices of this puzzled called my life have dropped from the air and landed. I'm gathering those peices and putting them back together.As I'm putting together the items that are fitting into place I'm noticing something strange....The peices that have landed are NOT the same peices that were up in the air in the first place....

I can remember at one point looking sky ward and saying.... "Oh Heavenly Father, I'm not sure what to do anymore. I've done all I know to do, and I'm giving it up to you." And I sort of threw my hands in the air and went on about my business. Jan, Feb, March & April there have been some crazy stuff going on. I've been all too aware of that feeling of the peices in my life up in the air.
Well a couple of weeks ago the peices start falling. When things are up in the air sometimes the ONLY thing you can do is wait for the peices to fall and then start to put them back together.

So the peices are falling and I've begun putting them back together. These are defineately NOT the same peices that I put in the air.
My inital first recation was "oh great! I've got even more peices to put together than before."
But as I've been putting this puzzle back to gether, I've notice remnants of the old peices mixes with some new peices. The new peices are better. I LIKE THIS PUZZLE better than the one I threw up a few months ago.
it's as if God the father took my old puzzle, painted a new master design over the top of the old puzzle and sent it back to me. He painted for me a new scene to put together.

That's what he does for each of us. We take charge of our own lives and that's not a bad thing. But when what we want is opposite of what the Lord has designed for us, we try and force our puzzle piece into HIS master design and begin to build OUR masterpeice.
We forget he's the architect, the master planner with the master design. He knows where every nail print in our life belongs. He's givin us the tools to build. He's even provided for us a carpenter who not only is familiar with all the tools but knows the master plan as well. We go to the carpenter to guide us in building the masterpiece intended for us.

I think we are all somewhat guilty of trying to take over and redesign the Master's work. Ususally it's only when we look at the mess we've created that we realize.... " umm I prolly should have followed the master plan" yeah... we spend alot of time with a wrecking ball or a back hoe trying to dig out and fix out own OOOPPPS!

About this new puzzle! It's awesome and coming together quite nicely. I'm excited for the new "scene" placed before me and for those who will be by my side in building this new puzzle.

Don't ever be too afraid to let go of what you have and give it to The Master. Whatever mess we've made of our lives he can bless it.

"If God can make Penicillin outta mold, he can make something outta you!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm SLACKING..... and I can feel it!

You all know how we do those little things each day that keep us in tune to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and keep us close to God? When things get stressed and diffifult we let go of those little things thinking because they are so small it won't matter if you cut them out this time, or hold off on them for a couple days.
Well I'm here to day.... those little things, they do count. They do make a big difference. When this happens, at least for me, I put myself back into basic training.

If you know me, you know what basic training is: The basics of finding a center of your life and then the balance around the center. For me, that Center is Jesus christ, then Family, and then the rest seems to fall into place.

I'm finding out each day how important it is to spend time in stillness and silence. Some people meditate. Some people pray. Some people chant while others will pick up a book of thoughts, or their scriptures or some sort of affirmation. Do whatever works to help you spend some time and commune with whatever higher power source you believe in, find your peace so you can live in it and create it around you.

I now commute to work each day and the drive is about 30-40 minutes. I love it. I love spending time in silence. I take that opportunity to Converse with my Heavenly Father. It's like a "daddy/ daughter" council session and it prepares me for the day. It also keeps me focused on what's really important and reminds me of all the things and people I truly grateful for.

I wonder why these things are only periodically habitual? Some may think well we alway come to God in times of need and in times of thanks. But aren't we always in times of need and in times of thanks?

In April we have Author Toni Sorenson give a talk at the Monthly Genesis Meetings.
She's Amazing. She's written an ABSOLUTELY Powerful book Called "Master." Toni is one person I know who LOVES JESUS! She loves to talk about Jesus, she loves to Praise him and she is simply amazing. I have seen her go through many things in the last 3 years. Many trials and struggles but the one thing that is constant is she is Praising and thanking her God through it all.
The most important message I got from her example is, don't wait for the trials to be over to think God. He is with you through whatever fire is before you. He's sustaining you, educating you, protecting you, making you stronger, preparing you and beside you in the furnace of affliction. Don't wait until after the trial to thank and praise him.

Big Brother, Little Sister Moments

Big Brother, Little Sister Moments
Hand in Hand


I earned some temporary wings!