Monday, April 2, 2007

It's True, I am A black Mormon Girl!

The first thing I want you to know is this: I Believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he came into the world as our elder brother so full of love for God the Father, and for us that he came as a perfect, unspotted lamb to sacrifice and atone for the sins of the world. Only he who was perfect could pay the cost for sin. And I believe Christ rose on the 3rd day so that we all might live again eternally.

I believe that Gordon B Hinckley is a Prophet of God just as I believe Joseph Smith,Noah,Moses, Isaiah, Abraham, David, John, and many others in our Holy Scriptures to be prophets of God. In ancient times God provided a prophet on the earth to guide his children. Is it so hard to believe that he would do the same for us today? He is the same God. We are his children. We have a prophet to lead and guide us. Even in the most evil of times throughout the history of the earth, the Lord provided a Prophet, whether the inhabitants of the earth followed the prophet or not. In each dispensation he called a man, a mortal man to lead the children of God. And it is still so today.

I want you to know why the Race issue of pre-1978 is not so much of an issue to me. I believe many religions and churches practiced traditions and policies established according to the social and civic times they were living in.
I believe many churches had practices of the same nature for example: why is there a Second Baptist Church? Was it for those considered to be 2nd class citizens such as former slaves and blacks? And doesn't A.M.E mean African Methodist Episcopal? I am not knocking these churches at all. As a Christian (YES, Mormons ARE Christians) we worship God and take upon the name of Christ as our redeemer and savior. He is the link between us and God. We are called "The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints." And as Christians, if nothing else, that is our common ground with the rest of the religious community. I only bring up this point as an example of how some other churches held and still hold a separation policy today.

When people stop and aske me "how can a black person, knowing the history of the mormon church be a member of it? I don't understand it."
Sometimes I smile respond and say.... "how can a black person, knowing the history of the south or of American still live in those places? How can an activest of the 60's knowing the history of civil rights still ride on buses or eat in restaurants that didn't allow black to sit where ever they were free to sit? I just don't understand it!"

I think those aspect of history are important to understand. It's important to teach these things to the generations. Why? So you know the history. So you can see where you've come from. So the injustices of the passed do not repeat themselves. And most of all, So you know where you're going. With out the knowledge of the passed, you leave a part of yourself missing.

It is very difficult for me to understand why the focus on the LDS Church as being THE main church when we stopped that practice almost 30 years ago, but other churches who remain separated out aren't brought into focus by the media.
I believe in allowing others to worship how they want, who they want and pretty much where they want. I don't bible bash or debate. But I will engage in a respectful discussion. I don't believe God would have us fight about religions. I do believe he would have us share with the idea of gaining knowledge from each other and if nothing else establish that common ground of our love for him and Jesus Christ.

I believe that if Jesus came to the earth to over come the word. His grace is sufficient to bless me and you and compensate for the mistakes of others, whether it is in behalf of what someone has done to me or what I may have done to someone else. As I am trying to live according to his will for me, I will not be withheld any blessing. It Is Enough!

I have friends and family of all Colors, Faiths, Cultures, Sizes etc. I have friends who smoke and drink, some even do drugs I'm sure. I have much to learn from all people. My friends are aware of my standard and respect it. As I'm aware of there's and respect it. We understand that although we are on the path of life together, at some point our directions may divert to other things according our beliefs, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy and learn from each other while we do travel together. I think it is a great blessing to be surrounded with all types of people who can learn from and respect and be a blessing to each other with their differences.

You must also know, I make mistakes. BIG ONE'S! There are times when I would swear to you that I have secured my place in hell because I've messed up so big. I am not perfect. But we all know the natural man is an enemy to God. We must try and be perfected in him. Im not saying being Holier than thou and that kind of crap, that's not what I mean. But we must practice over coming our negative weaknesses. And we must try stay way from rebellion. And we must put more effort into living what we believe to be true, instead of justifying reason for being spiritually lazy. We are children of God and just like children, we pout, argue, know it all, and sometimes just don't want to do what we should. The Lord expects that of us, just as we expect that of our children. However as parents we don't just give up on them or stop encouraging them to do the right things. I do believe I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER. And the reason we weren't sent to earth alone is because none of us could function alone. We need the encouragement and support of each other. We need to hold one another accountable for those things we claim to believe and hope to live.
So with that..... Let's head on out to the Battlefield for our Lord....!

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Shankar said...

Hi. I found your blog...somehow. I think it was linked from another blog that was linked from another one and so on. Just wanted to say that I like your response to the history question. I'd never thought of it in terms of post-integration buses and restaurants. Very good analogy. I will continue to catch up with this blog over the coming days and leave comments as appropriate. Hope you've had a good holiday season.

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