Friday, April 13, 2007

Here We Go Again.....

I got this following message in one of my many "in" boxes:

"YES YOU, BLACKS! As said in the Mormon Journals "Blacks are not to receive the pleasures of Heavens until every son of Adam does first". OR HOW ABOUT THIS ONE: "Negroids are inferior to whites and will not reveive the pleasures of Heaven." Yes this is true and many, many many Black Mormons are in denial of this comment, they attempt to battle me all the time, refusing to see the truth in this belief. MORMONS DO NOT SEE BLACKS AS EQUALS, and I'm tired of saying it. But today kiddies, uncle Messiah's got some profiles for you to look at. These are only some of the Myspace profiles that proove that Mormons make fun of blacks. Just do a simple advanced search and select Afro American decent and select Mormon only. You will notice that there are tons of white Mormons who put on their profile that they are Afro American. I have been researching different religions on Myspace for 3 years now and have never seen any white kids say they were black except for the Mormons. Don't you find it strange? And no one says a dam thing about Jesus in their profile. I thougtht Mormonism was about Jesus. If you refuse to accept the truth about Mormons denying Blacks in Heaven, don't worry, I have more than enough information to set you strait.Well here are some profiles to look up. Just make sure you type in the URL of first.666lama666, crapsmear, talanador, benjamin_huff, wilfy_soft, coolchica07. You can also look at the display names of Pharmie and MJ.They are making fun of you yo! This has been a wake up call from the Messiah's Messenger (I hope)."

I think it's a shame that those "journals" were written. Simply because people do not understand them as journals.. .They believe it is a living and practicing Gospel Doctrine of today.

As mentioned above.. written in 1957. FIFTY YEARS AGO! Now recall back in history the state of America during that time? And why don't these people who have been "researching religions on myspace for years..." research in more Reputable places. I did mention to this person that "personally, I would walk into a church and speak with their Highest authority available to me" and start asking questions. If I wanted to know about a church or religion, "MYSPACE" would be the last place I'd go. And if I wanted to find someplace that made fun of black, whites, christians, jews or decent values... it would prolly be the FIRST place I'd go.

I Stand by my very first post on this blog, which I copied to my friend Messenger.

I have to respect a person who stands up for what they believe, just as I will stand up for what I believe. I don't debate. Never heard God debate. He simply corrected errors, with love, and kept on rollin'.

So we are clear:

Mormons do not make fun of blacks anymore more than any other religious, racial, cultural group. Especially no more than black making fun of blacks which is the saddest of all things in my book. (when a culture profits from degrading itself)

All mormons, Black, white, yellow, red, green purple, skyblue plaid, have access to all the priviledges and blessings of Heaven.

The priesthood is the power to act in behalf of God as the one who holds the Priesthood is worthy. It is a sacred partnership with God the men have. Women have the honor of bearing children as their sacred partnership with God. Each has been blessed with special gifts and all are blessed by these gifts which the others hold.

For those who insist on believing traditions and practices of the past that ARE NOT the Doctrine or Gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I refer you to one of the most recent teachings by Our Prophet President Gordon B Hinckley just April 2006:,5232,49-1-602-20,00.html

We believe the bible to be the Word of God this was given less than 2 weeks ago:,5232,49-1-690-29,00.html


I swear with THIS and IMUS.... the world really is deteremined to push everything else into focus EXCEPT this simple fact: The two real forces in this world are good and evil, right and wrong. The world is not divided into black and white and varying shades of grey, just the people are.


Glen said...

All I can say to that is "AMEN."

Bobbie said...

I love you, Jesus Loves you, and I love this post.

Rosalind said...

When I was taking my membership lessons with the elders, they promised me that the LDS church considered the Bible to be the Word of God and and that it was the PRIMARY source of scripture used in the church.

However, after I became active in the church, I noticed that was not true in practice. The Holy Bible was NEVER used in worship service, or at Institute, or at/during any other church-related gathering. Every scriptural reference was from the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine & Covenants, and (less often) from the Pearl of Great Price. The Bible was literally ignored, so much so that nobody (but me) carried their Bible to church (or to Institute, etc). At one point, I just quit taking it with me and read it at home. I also noticed that all of the moral teachings within the LDS church were not based on the Bible, but on the Mormon scriptures.

So, excuse me, but I can't help but roll my eyes when I hear a Mormon say the LDS church considers the Bible to be the Word of God. Seems like to me that if that were truly the case, it wouldn't be ignored (literally). Of course, things may have changed in the 15.5 years since I left the church.

That is but one example of why I left the church. I am a black woman, like you, but one thing I can say is that I didn't have any problems with racism or fitting in. Other than (back then, I don't know about now) the general discouragment of interracial dating and marriage race didn't even seem to be an issue.

Anonymous said...

I just went through all of those myspace links... Not to try to attack your point, but all of them are 'joke' profiles, except for wilfy_soft's. (And even then, the things that he types are crude and quite strange)

Yes, this did happen in the church, I'm not going to deny it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, continued from my last post. I don't think it's fair to say that only Mormons do that... I'm 100% sure that align themselves with other religions also list their race as 'African American', even if they aren't. Well, whatever.

ShaBANG said...

Wow, Rosalind. I must say in the 35 years my family has been members, I've never NOT taken any books of scripture because they were ignored or not used. 1 year we study the Old Testiment, 1 year we study the New Testiment, 1 year the Book of Mormon, then one year the D&C/Pearl of Great Price.
And then we continue in that rotation. SO I'm not sure what your ward was doing back in the day 15 years ago but it's pretty much been like since I was a youth and I'm in my early Forty's. But hey, if you found a place that better serves your religious needs and beliefs and brings you closer to the Lord, then I'm all for it. If you like it, I love it ;)

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