Friday, April 6, 2007

Nails Didn't Keep Jesus On The Cross...

Love kept Jesus on the cross. I'm utterly heart broken as thoughts of the Atonement (at-one-ment)run through my mind. The atonement. The garden. Gethsemane. My part in the suffering that took place there. How much of that suffering was and is in vain because of my pride, stubbornness, ego, and willingness to hold on to anger, pain, and other such things that I need not keep. How utterly ungrateful to harbor such things. It's hard to wrap my mind around the great the magnitude of such love and to fully recognize that so much of that was for me, and you and every living soul to ever come to this earth regardless of circumstance, status and reciprocation. Sometimes we fail to forgive or love through the simplest of things. We allow others to keep us from the places we should be and doing the things we should do because our feelings are hurt, or we get offended.
How could I look Heavenly Father in the eye and say.... "Sorry Lord, but I allowed his words to keep me from you. I disliked him, more than I loved you, so I stayed away." Is that gonna fly?

This year, more so than ever I am realizing that almost every situation or obstacle I encounter along with every relationship ( family, friendship, love or whatever) has more to do with the Lord. His Love. The ability to Trust him and know that where man will forsake me, he will lift me up. The more I've put my trust in that concept this year, the "mo betta"my life is becoming.
I see the metaphor before me so clearly:

I'm walking on a road. My Lord is at the end of the road. On this road are boulders, rocks, brier patches, noxious weeds and other things blocking my direct path to him. These things have labels on them: Anger, fear, confusion, disappointment, jealously, low self esteem, pride and such. When I come to these things, I have the agency to decide what to do with them. I can get upset they are there yell, cuss, and get mad about it and complain to everyone else on the road. I can sit and stare at it lazily and expect someone else to clear my road for me while. I can sit on and not decide to do anything... still not making any progress on my road to my Lord. I can try and move it myself. When it's too heavy for me to move alone, I can ask someone for help. Sometimes help just comes or is offered. When I put too much attention and energy in them: "Soo big, too heavy, why is this here? How come me? What am I supposed to do now..", they become bigger and harder to get rid of. I deplete my energy on them which either angers me, allowing the vicious cycle to continue, or I exhaust myself,
and finally submit to my Lord, who then removes the burden from the road between us. Each time I willingly put my faith in my Lord, away is provided for these obstacles to be removed. Sometimes they just simply roll out of my way to my amazement and I continue forward. I've been doing the anger and exhaustion for a while now.

If you want to keep getting what you're getting, keep doing what you're doing.

This year I promised myself I would do a new thing. And although I don't have it mastered, it has changed some very important things in my life. Life really is less complicated doing things his way.

We must come to the conclusion that someone with such great love for each of us to suffer even unto death has a just cause. WE ARE HIS JUST CAUSE. The easiest thing in the world should be for us to put our faith and trust in him. We spend a majority of our lives looking for friendship and love when we have the Ultimate friendship and love already if we believe.

Take some time this Easter weekend to be in the quiet and the stillness and feel that love. Pay tribute to he who paid the ultimate cost and consider a dedication to renewing broken or forgotten covenants with him.

Nails didn't keep Jesus on the cross... LOVE kept Jesus on that cross!

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