Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't Get Left Behind In 2009

Congratulations one and all! We've made it outta 2008 and into the glorious exciting mystery of 2009.

I'm not sure where the excitment and optimism comes from, but I'm grateful for it. It's been a while since I've been excited about much of anything. I fake it really well, but nope, not this year.
Im going to try some new things this year that may seem a little selfish to some. I'm calling it prioritizing.
I just recieved a job offer. I took it and am exciting to start January 20th. 2009 is already fabulous!

I'm going to laugh a whole lot more to make up for the tears left behind in 2008. Oh, there's nothing wrong with crying and tears. However these are the kind not worth remembering. And they must be replaced with either tears of joy or laughter.

I'm going to enjoy my friends and family a whole lot more this year. Im going to take a bunch of small vacations and do on a lot of weekend getaways especially when the weather is warm and enjoyable for spring and summer. When people ask me about my summer I can only remember 5 days. The rest is a blurr. Bits and peices are coming back to me now, but it does no me no good now. It's bizaar to see myself in some of the photos of the summer, and not have a clue what the pics are about. It's been interesting.

I'm going to celebrate more! Small events, mediocre tasks, Huge accomplishments, I'm going to celebrate the moments of them all. I want so share in them, create them, expose them, you name it, I'm going to give reconition to things that are lovely and of good report. Maybe because of the state I was in that caused me to see alot of ugliness in the world. People being ugly, self-serving, lying, manipulative schemeing and so on. I've had it, I'm sick of it. I'm not going to put up and tolerate it anymore. This earth, the world is a gift from our Father in Heaven. It's inhabitants are our siblings, it's creatures, our pets. When we fail earth, we fail Heaven as well. And my brothers and sisters, WE ARE FAILING!

I'm going to enjoy youth more. The silliness and wonderment and excitment of youth. I love when I see the youth of the church and the world doing good things, discovering their empowerment and the joys and wisdom of the world.

(chill out people, it's Martinelli's sparkling, apple, grapes and peach juices! I was honored to be gathered by my family and friends and be asked to make the New Year's day toast!)

The last 6 months have taught me the following:
It is ok to take care of others, but not to the point of neglecting yourself.
It is ok to take care of yourself, but not at the point of neglecting others.

People and their needs are more important than things and our enjoyment of them, PERIOD.
Those who care about you, will go the extra mile in finding a way to show it effectively.

People who feel they have nothing to learn, value the their own voice & opinion with no consideration of other's have no place in my life. What would they need me for anyway, they're perfectly happy in themselves.

If you want to do something, go somewhere or obtain something bad enough, you will find a way to accomplish it. 2 years ago I went Hawaii. It was amazing. I would have never thought it could happen. Last year, I saved up and sacrificed a few luxuries and was able to go back to my home town for 3 weeks.

Strength, beauty, and esteem from within. It can't come from another person. Another person can dent it or scratch it, but the core of it comes from withing. Own it, nurture it and keep it.

False security and lack of confidence and manipulation are recognizable to Most people. It's not pretty and is rarely impressive. It's more impressive to keep it real

Before you justify something: see the entry above and then think about your intent. The Holy Spirit of promise DOES testify of truth and WILL allow others to discern it no matter how well you think you're hiding it.

If you're someone who has it all together, has over come their flaws & weaknesses or has few of them, and has reached that point in their life where you're making very little mistakes and have everything to offer then we will probably not be friends. My imperfections, flaws and weaknesses and lack of wisdom will get on your nerves and I assure you that your perfection will get on mine.

If you never find the need to apologize or live under the tent of always being right, I bet you probably also live alone.

Actions have more weight than words. Say what you want, but if you can't back it up with action, I don't believe you, PERIOD. If there are more excuses than consistancies, I don't believe you, PERIOD.

My goals for this year are simple:
I'm getting back to basics. I lost a bit of my foundation. Daily prayers, daily scripture reading was buried in the woes of whatever I've been going through. I miss fellowshipping with my ward brothers and sisters. I've taken myself out of the social aspect of things for a while and I'm ready to put myself back out there.
I've taken my mental and emotional vacation and I'm ready to join the rest of the world again. I was not meant for being a recluse. I was meant to be out and about serving my family, friends and community.
I'm going to have more meaningful and interesting conversations especially with friends and family. I want to discuss and share ideas and knowledge and a learning of and from each other.

I'm dropping petty stuff. If you don't like the way I structure a sentance or relate thing so I can better understand or anything that doesn't relate to my character, integrity, or core of who I am, Then See ya, have a good one. I no longer have room for the petty things that in the grand scheme of things just don't matter. I no longer have room or time for nit picky little quirks that can and should be overlooked.
Everytime I get paid I'm putting SOME money toward some dept. EVERYTIME!

I'm no longer going to apologize for SOMEONE ELSE'S misunderstandings or misconceptions. It's on them, not me.

I'm going to be more visually thankful and grateful for those around me who add positive and loving aspect to my life.

I'm going to learn and prepare more for Heavenly and Eternal things.

I'm going to let bygones be bygones and old acquaintances will be forgotten. I'll make room for people who deserve a place in my heart.

2009 will be Divine so keep up or get left behind.


Lucy said...

You can get an 'amen' from me. I really like your blog. You have such neat posts that are so interesting and inspiring. Thanks for letting me follow you along.

The Pea said...

We need to hang out sometime! I could just use me some of this fun!!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a great year ahead. By the way, the first photo of you on this blog is really beautiful. (I like the last one too, but there's something about the first one that I really like.)

ShaBANG said...

I look like I'm up to something in that first picture. lol
I love it. I look like a sneaky tricky little angel. lol

Anonymous said...

Amen! I just found your blog. You are real and honest and amazing! May the Lord's blessings overwhelm you!

Gloria in Vegas

ShaBANG said...

Thank you SO MUCH Anonymous. Hope you keep in touch and contribute ;)

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