Friday, January 30, 2009

Are Mormons Allowed to.....?

I get alot of blog hits by people simply asking google "are mormons allowed to....?"

Some of the inquiries make me wonder if people have the LDS religion mixed up with the Quackers or the Omish. I KNOW they have us mixed up with the FLDS down in Polygamist,Colorado. I guess if you don't really take the time to study or learn about the religion and only go by news flashes or old school opinion that some tout as actually believeable doctrine then I could see where the confusion comes in.

So This will be the first of my many.... "Are mormons allowed to..." Series.

I'll answer the questions as best as I can. Sometimes I'll elaborate and sometimes I wont because somethings are obvious. I'm sure you'll let me know if I need to.

Ok, first up....
"are mormons allowed to Dance, or go to clubs?"
Yes! Unlike many religions who are consider themselves "saved." We are allowed to dance. I How many churches do you know that have their own dances? I'm sure we aren't the only ones.
We hold dances for the teenagers, Young singles, Old singles etc. The music is some of the music you hear on the radio. I say some because the music chosen has decent lyrics, non degrading to gender, race or culture. Which made being a teen in the 80's AWESOME, because that just before music became really raunchy. And right befor Raunchy became acceptible. Utah mormons are HUGE into ballroom dancing.

We're allowed to go out to the clubs and go dancing as well. The reason we may stay away from the clubs would be alcohol, smoking, profanity and some of the calibre of people one might meet at a club who indulges in these things. For me and most of my friends it's the smoking that drives us nuts.

Are mormons allowed to eat meat! I think I addressed this in an earlier post. Yes YES YES! We are carnivores. I know our west there is a lot of hunting and fishing. We are encourage to eat meat sparingly in the spring and summer months when when fruits, vegitables and grains are plentiful. And store up proteins and meats for the winter when meat is scarce and more expensive. One year some friends and I bought a come and split it up between us. It was fabulous. Didn't have to buy beef for a year, just kept the meat in a deep freezer. It's smart.

Are mormons allowed to drink Soda pop?
Yup! We are. We are encouraged to stay way from addictive stimulants such as caffiene, tobacco, alcohol or anything that can become an easy addiction. We have what's considered a code of health: Word Of Wisdom.( ) Check it out.

Are mormons allowed to use electricity?
No we're not! I'm actually typing by candle light as two else run on a treadmill in the corner. My computer is hooked up to the treadmill as their running provides the juice to my laptop connection.
Yes we are allowed to use electricty.

Why do mormons eat SO Much Jello? Are you kidding me? What is more easy, cheap and tasty to feed to your 8 kids? Nobody but J-E-L-L-O~

Are mormon allowed to wear swimming suits?
For sure.
Swimming in long underwear seriously drags you down. Clothes get heavy and itchy and bleh, when wet. Of course we can wear swim suits. Tastefully fitted and not revealing too much.
Let me just mention about LDS women and their clothes and the choice to be modest. This is my opinion. My body, although it belongs to me, is on loan from God to help me accomplish what I need to before I return to him in spirit. For me to put graffiti on it, scar it, mutilate it purposely in any form would be wrong. God willing I'll be married one day and I will share this body with my husband. It's not for all the world to see. He deserves to feel special and secure in knowing I have was not explored by the world but saved especially for him.

Are Mormons Allowed to Gamble? Is gambling wise for anyone? No not really. We're counciled not to gamble, and for obvious reasons. The loses far outweighs the gains in Gambling and gain... it has addictive properties. How much extra income would we have if we put money in a jar instead of purchased lotto tickets or threw it into a slot machine? It really is a foolish risk. We should not be gambling

Are mormons allowed to carry guns? You betcha! We believe in the right to bear arms. It's in the constitution. Religious laws should go hand in hand with the Laws of the Land. This is how you know we don't believe in polygamy... it is against the laws of the land.

Are Mormons Allowed to think for themselves? Have you been READING MY POSTS? Most of you can see I have a mind of my own, pretty much think for myself and I know that I have the agency to choose from what I believe to be good choices and what I believe to be bad choices. Most of the choices I make are good sense:
Don't drink. If I don't drink I wont ever have to worry about becoming drunk or tipsy or in a state where I'm functioning less than my best.
Don't smoke. Cancer cures smoking. Cancer also cures second hand breathing of smoke.
I enjoy a carribean passion smoothie, a ginger ale, or just plain mandarin orange kool ade. Why would I need alcohol? If I need to take and edge off I'd much rather find a natural way of doing it then some substance that could impair me or render me addicted.
Mormons are Democrats, Republicans, Libetarians, Conservatives, right wing, left wing, chicken wing. We're all types. Some of us voted for prop 8 and some of us against it. I drive a Chevy Malibu, my sister and Daughter both drive Hondas. Some mormon's don't let their kids date til the age of 16, others til the age of 18 and some at the age of 14. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors AND thought processes. So yes we do think for ourselves. "Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves."

These are just a few of the more popular questions. for the FAQ's. If you have anymore, let's have 'em. I'll be posting questions a few at a time as I get them ;)


Kristin said...

I also like "How many wives does your dad have?" I've come up with a few creative responses to that one.

I had a friend once tell me "You don't smoke, you don't drink, you don't have sex...but you seem happy to me." I had to laugh.

Hey, (change of topic) do you know where I can get snaps for Baylie's hair?

ShaBANG said...

Yup, I know. Also shoot me your email address I have a wealth of information for you. ;)

Kristin said...

Can't wait to get the info

Brandon and Kim said...

I saw your blog off of Kristins and I was laughing in my seat at this post, thank you so much for the great laughs. I know Kristin from our adoption group. Thanks Again

Lia said...

Wow, this is GREAT to see some good information about Mormons out there on the web, it REALLY helps with ugly misconceptions. This blog just made my day! Thanks for shining bright and keeping your testimony! Proud to be a Mormon!

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