Friday, September 26, 2008

Much to my Surprize....

This page has surpassed my other blog pages and has become my Popular Main Page! I've been getting emails from people all over the world about my "Journal of a Black Mormon girl" and I am pleased about that.
Some of you in our email discussions have even admitted to the ignorance of our religion and have come off impressed. If I had a part in that, I'm humbled and grateful.

Some of you insist on picking at scabs. You know each religion has scabs. If you choose to dable in past bacteria's that time, and education are trying to heal, you deserve the ache that picking scabs will bring.

I don't say that to hide from the passed mistakes and judgements of man... because all man has and will have them as long as they are alive. Men of God will make mistakes and use bad judgement at times... because they are MAN. There are numerous accounts of it in all the scriptures we have. And God, in his infinate wisdom always provides a way to correct and compensate for it. Man cannot Destroy his kingdom, his work will go forth.

I love that saying... All Lucifer needs is for good men to do nothing in order for him to succeed.
So if you're the type to go to work, go home, mind your business and not really do anything except say.. "thank you Jesus" once in a while, at least to me, that's the same as no doing anything.
What do people think Jesus meant when he said... "feed my sheep?" He meant s whole multitude of things. Something are more challenging and diffucult than others yet some things are soo soo easy and almost effortless.

I live in a place where, if someone is moving ... people will run out of their own homes to help unload or load, while others will drop off a meal or cool drinks to help those who are able to do more. Someone noticed our hedges were growing passed the windows and since they were doing their own, they did ours as well.

One of the ladies noticed me walking with my knee brace on and came to see if she could get anything for me when she ran to the store later that evening.

I am one of the sheep and I'm being well fed.

The other day while I was out I stopped to let a gentleman cross in front of me. He was Scowling! I smiled and yelled out the window... "hey, what you looking all mad about?" He looked at me and said... "I didn't even notice!" He smiled, turned and then started whistling on his way. It wasn't a big thing, but I'd like to think I somehow fed that sheep.

My mind echo's the words of my mother quite often: "If you see something that needs to be done or if you can help out another, you should do it."

Is it suprising that my Grandmother, her mom would often say... "the only hands the Lord has are yours"

When I think of one of my favorite scriptures in John: Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for a friend.
So many of us think it means dying for someone. Well that may be true to a point. I believe this to mean taking the time out to serve. Somehow when I'm serving and helping other people, my own issues aren't so bad and I often find the solutions through serving others. It allows me to feed some sheep and it aides my own healing. It helps to fill voids. So many times we look ourside ourselves to fill voids and this can be dangerous. Some do it with food, others music, some with gaming, porn, working too much, boasting, cleaning, cooking. Some read, do yard work, some go out for long walks or drives. As you can see I've mentioned some good ways and bad ways to fill voids. All should be done in moderation. From My experience the things I do that fill my voids more completely and last the longest are when I'm doing something to uplift someone else. If uplifts me as well if not more. I also noticed, when Im selfish my life quickly become hell. I'm not saying be so giving that I put my own well being or the wellbeing of my family in danger. The best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself as well so you are in a position to help others and know that the Lord will continue to bless you as you continue to bless others.

Thank you, for making this my number one blog :)

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backandthen said...

it took me 25 years to understand that to be able to take care of others I need to first take care of myself. Good job.

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