Friday, September 19, 2008

To Everything There is a Season

... and a time for every purpose under heaven.
(Ecclesiastes 3:2)

Today was to be my wedding day. Less than 3 months ago the plan was to put on the pretty dress, tiara and veil and "jump the broom."

Instead I'm sitting down, and before me are 2 empy bottles of coors bottles and a computer. Yeah, I emptied them myself.

I'm thinking back over the events of the summer: Wedding plans, resigning from a job, therapy, putting daughter in college, 3 week vacation in the home town... there's been alot of heavy life changes going on. With that has been life altering circumstances that have imposed themselves upon what could have been (and are to a point) some exciting times.

Lost my phone and some kind guy found it, called the Contact labled "home" so I was able to get that back.

Got up this morning, spent a couple hours at the dentist office with my daughter. Got her car inspected and registered for another year. Did some shopping and during that time I found myself staring a six pack of long necked bottles of Coors. I bought them along with some other things.

One might say that I'm sad or depressed because of the expectations of this day and how it has turned out.
Not me. So far I'm quite pleased with how the day is going. I know that postponing the wedding was the right thing. (noticed I said postponing) there's a little curiosity as to how this wedding thing will play out in the future since it is only postponed. I'm grateful for the time I was able to spend in Michigan with my family and his family, it was a much needed thing. I've got a few job prospects that I'll be delving into next week and as for the therapy I'm in the last stages needed before I'll be released. Daughter is having an amazing time in college, she's down this weekend with some of her roomates.
I'm even planning one of my favorite dinners: Baked potatoes and Steaks, which are marinating in a not-so-secret recipe of coors, A-1 steak sauce, and ginger ale. YUMMY! :)

I'm confident that as I continue to work at doing the right things and being productive that things will fall into place and when they do, it will be "mo betta" than even I can contemplate.

I'm pretty patient, especially when I've decided to put things in the Lords hands because I know
he ALREADY has it all worked out. My job is to have faith, listen for that Holy Spirit of promise and wait for his direction. So when that time and season comes, I can go forward in peace.

In the mean time, I get steak for dinner, Pie for dessert and a movie! Sounds good to me :)


S'mee said...

Shebang, again your outlook on life and it's roller coaster ups and downs is amazing.

Enjoy your day and the blessings you have mentioned.

BTW, what kind of pie????

ShaBANG said...

Apple pie with a crumb topping! So goooood!

S'mee said...

hope you had some ice cream too! yum!

ShaBANG said...

of Course :)

Tequitia said...


ShaBANG said...

yeah, beer. Actually this time I used the non alcoholic malt beverage.. or the near bear as they call it. I worked just as well. So I'm pleased with that :)

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