Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who'd Uh Thunk?

If someone would have told me, a little black girl from Battle Creek Michigan, that I would be hanging out with some well known LDS people as an Adult, I woulda called them a liar.

Growing up the only famous LDS people I knew were the Osmonds. And I wasn't really into them like the other kids in my Primary or Young women's class. I was into the Jackson 5. They all talked about growing up and moving to some place called Provo. I always thought I would grow up and move to Detroit or Chicago or even New York,some place close to home like that. It wasn't until my Junior Year in High School in 1984 that I really started paying attention to Mormon's other than the ones in my local ward. Shoot I thought the coolest mormons were the Missionaries we used to hang out with. They talked funny, had the weirdest slang but man did they love coming to our house for dinner on Thursday nights and desserts on Sunday nights.
One crazy night back in 1984 I was watching a football game with my family. My older brother and I were waiting to go to the late night movies. We called them "Cheap flix" back then cuz it was only a buck to get in and the movies would start anywhere from 10pm- Midnight.

My team, Michigan, was playing BYU. I didn't realize then it was THE GAME to be watching that year. I liked football, even played some football but didn't realize it was The National Championship game. Besides I was more interested in the movie we were going to see in a few minutes. I watched and figured I didn't really care who would win. It's a win-win situation for me, I'd either win as a Mormon or win as a Michigander. I guess I felt itt would be much sweeter win as a Michigander. What I saw of the came was complete craziness. I remember the BYU Quarter back getting injured, yet making play after play after play. His name, Robby Bosco. Well my thoughts were... "poor guy! Take him out, it's a losing battle." I never saw the whole game because we left for the movie. Got home really late and found out the next morning that the Mormon's won the national championship. BUMMER! But then a part of me secretly was excited to really be a mormon. My heart felt betrayed. Was my Loyalty to the Maize and Blue so weak? Naw.... I still love watching Michigan Wolverines play football. But the Bosco is an enemy to Michigan.

Cut to 23 years later.... Which would be approximately TODAY!

I'm the only one from my primary/ young women's class that lives in Provo. Well the only one that I know of. I've been blessed to be in the company and shake the hands of several of our church leaders. I don't mean sitting in General Conference where there's 150,000. in the same room 100 yards away either. Being called by name by an Apostle is an really cool experience that one, such as myself, has really taken for granted.
I was sitting in Sacrament today and it was fast and testimony meeting. It was a happy day. My ward is Phenominal. The bishop once told me when I was going through a hard time " Come to church and just let the ward family love you, that is the purpose of a ward." I wish every ward would grasp that concept because I am SO in love with my ward that it stopped me from moving last spring.

Anyway... Im sitting in Sacrament and I'm excited. You see I was recently called to teach the 18 year olds in Sunday School. Yeah, the senior Boys and girls. Tough crowd? Not really. It's a pretty fun class. I promised them 2 weeks ago we could play testimony bingo! They had no concept so I explained it to them and they got a kick out of it. Well i handed out the bingo sheets the end of Sunday school and we headed to Sacrament meeting. Giddy was I! I had some extra bingo cards so I passed them out to some of my Young Women I used to teach in my last calling and even a few of the parents joined in. It was a real natural high I could hardly keep from giggling. We began to sing the opening song and I looked around at my fellow bingo players with anticipation. Everyone of us like a 3 year old wiggling and anxious to get on with things.
The go through the typical: opening song, opening prayer, announcements, baby blessing and on with the meeting. During announcements I'm marking my "free space" on my bingo card and I hear a word that stops me in my tracks... "BOSCO." Ok so I've known for some time that "Brother Bosco" was in my stake. I ditched out on a high priest annual steak dinner with "Bosco." I just had other things to do or something.

Anyway... it appears that the older singles are having family home evening with "Bosco." Hmmmm. Also in that FHE will be Vernon and Vince Law, both Major League Baseball players. Well, Brother Law, I know and know of! His wife was my visiting teacher until a few months ago. I LOVE SISTER LAW! AND we share the same birthday. This woman is special to me and invited Alieshia to come by anytime and consider her another Grandma.
Back to Bosco! I figures it's time for me to make my peace with "the Bosco.' He doesn't know it, but we've got some unfinished business to attend to at sunset tomorrow. My thoughts went back to those years of being a youth and all the smack talking my Young Women sister's did on getting in the UTAH LDS LOOP of things. I could have cared less back then about the UTAH LDS LOOP. But I guess in a way, I sort of find myself in it. Maybe my big toe, now and again. I sat in Sacrament meeting... just about forgetting my bingo game. I remember at one time my father mentioned how neat he thought it was that any of his kids were rubbing shoulders with General Authorities and other important LDS people. Who woulda thunk a black, LDS ,ball playing factory worker who couldn't even bless or baptis his own children would have those same children hold positions that allowed them to be in the good company of many influential and well known members of the church?
I never would have believed it! Shoot I always thought I would be too scared.... "they're men of God, they know my secrets and sins and can see all the wrong stuff I do and all my shortcomings." I used to think that all the time. In some cases I still do. But those I've met with and sat in meetings with and had lunch or dinner with have always been nothing but great men who laugh and joke and bring joy to the atmosphere I've even been around in their company.

My mind cuts back to Relief Society this morning... walking in together with Sister Law. Not the wife of "the preacher or Deacon Law" as others know him, just Sister Law to me, dear sweet lady who captured my heart from day 1. Then my mind races to thoughts of Brother Macy. He plays Joseph Smith Sr in "Praise to the Man" and "The Restoration." He was also the main Character in " The Testiments" He played Helam, the father. Actually he's in ALOT of church films especially some of the older one's. I love Brother Macy. I just can't sit next to him in sunday school anymore, or Sacrament. We laugh and joke too much. It can be disruptive to those around us. Just this summer we're discussing the movie "Transformers" in the hall before sunday school. He does a PERFECT Optimus Prime impersonation. He and I am crackin up.... while a couple of the older sister in the ward give us crusties for being so loud and light minded in our Father's house. Sad thing is... when I see him in these movies..... I see the man I sit with in church and bust out laughing and some inappropriate times. He's a great actor. My mother flipped the freak out when she found out "the man in testiments" is in my ward. Maybe I'll suprize her for Christmas and give her an Autographed copy of "The Testiments."

And speaking of testiments.... back to Testimony Bingo. Well I didn't win. One of the Beehive girls I gave a card to won. I was sad until the couple sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder after closing prayer and said... "I totally tapped my husband on the shoulder during the meeting and said... Honey, they're playing testimony bingo!" I smiled and told her.. "well I have extra cards for next fast Sunday." She admitted.. "we have some cards actually but would love to play next time!" My heart lifted. Upon exiting I ran into the Relief Society President. She and the rest of her crew came and visited me last week. Fun meeting with them in my home. They're so funny and uplifting to be around. We talked about the bingo game then. I told her I didn't win and she said..
"how could you NOT win, you had all the classic phrases?"
"well they sort of danced around the phrases and didn't say them completely" I said with a pout.
She said... "hey, what do you get if you win?" I said... "a chocolate bar." "Oh! I'm so in next fast Sunday."
Again, I laughed. And started my way out of the building. Then I saw the flyer for FHE tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I will have a little chat with Brother Robby Bosco about that National Championship thing back in 84. I wonder, do you think he'll autograph my Michigan Wolverine sweatshirt?

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