Thursday, October 11, 2007

A- HA!

A couple of my girlfriends and I were discussing men the other day. The poor guys in their lives were totally being ripped and shredded apart. It brought me to a few memories in the dark dusty cobwebbed halls of my mind that I hadn't ventured down in a while.

Somewhere along the way woman has forgotten we are to stand next to men, even when they aren't perfect just as we want them to do when we are perfect. This doesn't mean hang around if you feel you're being abused, or neglected but it does mean become still and recognize progress. We all have short comings we can support each other through and to be a support when both parties are interested in and working towards shared progressive goals. And I don't even mean that in a spousal relationship. It pertains to any relationship really.

" I believe that our Heavenly Father invented man because he was disappointed in the monkey. I believe that whenever a human being, of even the highest intelligence and culture, delivers, an opinion upon a matter apart from his particular and especial line of interest, training and experience, it will always be an opinion so foolish and so valueless a sort that it can be depended upon to suggest to our Heavenly Father that the human being is another disappointment and that he is no considerable improvement upon the monkey."
- Mark Twain's Autobiography; Mark Twain in Eruption

I guess this opinion is going to be a foolish opinion mentioned about. I'm ok with that. Just send me bananas.

Men feel free to chime in.

God Made woman to be connected to man. God created woman as a help mate, a partner for man. Women have an intense desire to fit into a man's life. Woman don't like to admit it. We can't explain it, We want him to be more like us. HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE US. He's not supposed to think like us. This sometimes angers and frustrates woman.
A good man will stay when a woman gets mad and goes off.
The average man will back up and close down. A Good man, he wont back up. He won't back down. It hurts woman to hear it and see it when this happens. Man only has 2 choices: To respond, or not to respond. When a man does speak it feels assaulting and insulting and is usually not what woman wants to hear. A good man is not controlled by woman's emotional episodes or sexuality. HE WILL GIVE YOU A HARD TIME ABOUT THE RIGHT THING and be quick to recognize and take care of the wrong thing. A good man's pride will not impair him to be humble and DO the right things. And all this he will do in love and respect, not anger and unrighteous dominion.
Man is not simple, he's simplistic. A real man rises to challenges, is a weight bearer. He gets stronger with stress and weight put on him. God made him to be a weight bearer. He may struggle, he may fall but a real man will rise up and become stronger today because of the weight he carried yesterday. A man must be able to be many things to many people. So Woman, let the man be the Man. Do not try to turn him into a woman. Any man you can convert to the language of your girlfriends is not your man, he then becomes another girlfriend.

And this is what I remembered about man this year.

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