Monday, October 15, 2007

Who'd Uh Thunk II

To my great suprize, this has been a really fun evening

It's been a while since I've gone to the Ward Singles Family home evening. I figure it doesn't make much since for me to leave my daughter and have FHE with the singles. So I usually don't go. But Since my daughter had to work today, I went. I went because I knew Brother Vernon and Vance Law would be speaking, along with Brother Robby Bosco and I had some business to take care of with him.

FHE was awesome. I feel Spiritually spoiled. I thought I was getting 3 sports legends. I got 5 It was so great to hear these men, my brothers in the ward, stake and gospel each bear testimony of Jesus Christ.

We started in typical mormon fashion, opening song and prayer.

Cept we had no one to play the piano. So Brother Vance Law jumps up and grabs the childrens Primary book and starts playing the opening hymn. And since we had no chorister, his father Brother Vernon Law jumps up and calls to his son... "is it in 4/4 time?"

"yes, it is!"

calls back Brother Vance Law.

And Brother Vernon Law lead us in the singing of

"I am A Child Of God!'

It only got better from there!

So I reconciled with Brother Robby Bosco. No longer an enemy to the Wolverine. He spoke of how he came to BYU a non member strictly to play football because of their passing game. And converted at the age of 19. Then he gave great heartfilled testimony of Jesus Christ and his love for the Gospel and the church. He talked about how BYU became very special to him and even before he was baptised he felt a spirit that he much wanted to be part of. And how he was influenced by his roomates and those around him by their good examples.

Brother Tom Holmoe was a suprize! I didn't know he would be there. Brother Holmoe another convert to the church. Exressed how his mother's family was really mormon and his father's family was really not. He spoke of how when he went to BYU he was part of the wrong crowd but was soon drawn to the LDS Crowd. Missionaries found him tracking in the dorms. What's up with that? He also let his family and friends keep him from doing what he knew was right. He said it took him 6 years after he graduated BYU to become a member because he was so stubborn. During those 6 years he wondered and had dreams of what would happen if he died... and came face to face with the Father, and the father said to him

"Tom, you knew the truth, what happened?"

He felt any excuse he gave the Lord wouldn't be good enough so he couldnt take it anymore and joined. He mentioned he's never had any regrets and never let any thing or any one be the excuse of him not being true to that decision.

Brother Devin Durrant was my other suprize! I didn't know he would be there either.
Brother Durrant made me cry. He started out with the scripture:

"now is the time to prepare to meet God."
He spoke of a time when he was away at basketball camp and how is roomate was a big 6'7 basketball player. He struggled with telling this NBA roomated that he says his prayers at night. So he decided to just be flat out about it. He didn't want to disappoint the Lord and he wanted to be a good example as well. So he let his roomate know that he kneels by his bed at night and says his prayers. His roomate, a non member was cool with that. He mentioned how a few days into training camp he was on the elevator with his roomate and a bunch of other well known high profile NBA who were speaking vulgarities and profanity. His roomate said... "hey, dont use that language around my friend & roomate here and don't use it around me. I hope you aren't using that kind of language when "THE MAN" comes." Brother Durrant and his roomate stepped out of the elevator and again his roomated stated to the others... " I HOPE you aren't using that language when "The Man comes." The Man, being Jesus Christ. Brother Durrant said, his roomate took the opportunity to stand as a witness of God regardless of where he was, when it was, who he was around and what he was doing. It was a testimony to him to do the same. His roomate recognized that Jesus Christ would come again. And reminded him that sometimes we looked to be the example and are taught by examples around us as well.

Brother Vance Law was up to bat next. It was his home that FHE was held. He gave props to his Mother Vanita and Father Vernon. He spoke of how his father paved the way and set the example, the standard of what should be expected by LDS athletes. He spoke of how some of his first team mates on the pittsburg Pirates team were also his father's team mates. They would check up on him, make sure he was keeping his own standards. They held him accountable to be who he claimed to be. Now as a coach at BYU he feels it's important that each of the young me coaches knows his love for the Gospel and Testimony of Jesus Christ.

"It is important for them to know that my standards don't change from a winning moment to a heated argument with tempers flaring"

That made a great impact on me. How often do we release our standard in the heat of a highly emotional situation? Our standards should be unwaivering in any situation.

Brother Vernon Law was clean up batter for the night. He spoke of how Bing Crosby got him into Major league baseball! And how he made a decision that he simply made a decision to hold up his standards. It meant not getting the high profile public speaking and good paying jobs, however he did great missionary work in giving talks and speaches to different church groups and small profile engagements. It didn't matter to him. "What I wanted most was to be a good example of what the church was about." He said Philidelphia was a big Catholic City and about 4 times a year they'd let all the catholic sisters into the game for free. When asked if that rattled him he said.. "no, all those catholic sisters dressed in black with their white habits on just looked like a bunch of missionaries to this mormon boy." People would ask him about his religion and he explained being a Deacon at the age of twelve, a teacher at the age of 14 and preist at the age of 18 and an elder at the age of 18. he said.. "they didn't know about being teachers, preist and elders, but they knew what a deacon was, so they nick named me Deacon!"

The theme for the evening, at least in my eyes was summed up by something the young women focus on each week.... "we will stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things and in all places...!" No matter who we are and what our lives look like.

(Devin Durrant, Tom Holmoe, Robby Bosco, Vernon Law, Vance Law)

Each of these brother's bore strong testimony of the importance of being people of integrity, and living up to the standards we claim to believe. For these men it was as easy as just making the decision to do just that. Even in times when it may have not been easy, they were great examples to all around them... and they still are. Their lives and where their lives took them, was not easy to stay true to the standards we claim to live, but they are living testimonies that we can be true to our baptismal and temple covenants, no matter the circumstance or place.

I was in awe of the spiritual strength in the room as each man teared up while bearing such strong witness. Legends in their own way. All my brothers in the gospel. And all of them within 1/2 of mile of where I lay my head to rest. There is great peace in knowing I'm in good company in my ward and stake community

Tom Holmoe, Vance Law, Me, Vernon Law, Robbie Bosco

Sister Law and her son Vance. She was my Visiting teacher my first 2.5 years in this ward. I miss her monthly visits. We share the same birthday and I call her "twin!"

I ended my last blog with the question : I wonder, do you think he'll [Robby Bosco] autograph my Michigan Wolverine sweatshirt?

Yup! He would :)

(as well as a BYU T-shirt for my daughter who sent off her first college application today to BYU)

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nava_jo said...

what Alisha is already putting in College apps. Wow how time flies.

I loved this blog sounds like you were spiritual spoiled. :)

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