Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well I did it! I Facebooked my Blog!

It was really bound to happen with so many friends and family on Facebook it would just be a matter of time before I needed to combine the two. So if you are on facebook and would like to keep up with me there I would love to have you become a fan of the page! I'll still be here blogging, unless someone can figure out a way for the blog and facebook page to become one or stream into each other. Im not THAT Computer Savvy, I know JUST ENOUGH to get into some trouble ;)

I think this will be an awesome thing for greater discussion and more detailed comments. I hope you'll join me on "THE FACE!" ;)


Jesse Harris said...

While you can add an RSS feed to a profile on Facebook, I don't know if you can add it to a fan page or not. Never worked with one before.

S'mee said...

hehehe! I just reposted your "Butt Prints" on my FB page with a hat tip to you! Now I can just send folks over there! Wheeee!

See you over there....S'mee here, Betty Cooks there.(long story about the different names!)

ShaBANG said...

Thanks Jesse, I think It's just a matter prefacing on the Facebook page and then adding the link that brings them here. It's all good.

S'mee! Girl I have so many names:, ShaBANG, KayDee, Karyn, Micky, Pee Wee... and i'll stop right there before I really embarrass myself! See ya on the face!

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