Friday, January 30, 2009

Are Mormons Allowed to.....?

I get alot of blog hits by people simply asking google "are mormons allowed to....?"

Some of the inquiries make me wonder if people have the LDS religion mixed up with the Quackers or the Omish. I KNOW they have us mixed up with the FLDS down in Polygamist,Colorado. I guess if you don't really take the time to study or learn about the religion and only go by news flashes or old school opinion that some tout as actually believeable doctrine then I could see where the confusion comes in.

So This will be the first of my many.... "Are mormons allowed to..." Series.

I'll answer the questions as best as I can. Sometimes I'll elaborate and sometimes I wont because somethings are obvious. I'm sure you'll let me know if I need to.

Ok, first up....
"are mormons allowed to Dance, or go to clubs?"
Yes! Unlike many religions who are consider themselves "saved." We are allowed to dance. I How many churches do you know that have their own dances? I'm sure we aren't the only ones.
We hold dances for the teenagers, Young singles, Old singles etc. The music is some of the music you hear on the radio. I say some because the music chosen has decent lyrics, non degrading to gender, race or culture. Which made being a teen in the 80's AWESOME, because that just before music became really raunchy. And right befor Raunchy became acceptible. Utah mormons are HUGE into ballroom dancing.

We're allowed to go out to the clubs and go dancing as well. The reason we may stay away from the clubs would be alcohol, smoking, profanity and some of the calibre of people one might meet at a club who indulges in these things. For me and most of my friends it's the smoking that drives us nuts.

Are mormons allowed to eat meat! I think I addressed this in an earlier post. Yes YES YES! We are carnivores. I know our west there is a lot of hunting and fishing. We are encourage to eat meat sparingly in the spring and summer months when when fruits, vegitables and grains are plentiful. And store up proteins and meats for the winter when meat is scarce and more expensive. One year some friends and I bought a come and split it up between us. It was fabulous. Didn't have to buy beef for a year, just kept the meat in a deep freezer. It's smart.

Are mormons allowed to drink Soda pop?
Yup! We are. We are encouraged to stay way from addictive stimulants such as caffiene, tobacco, alcohol or anything that can become an easy addiction. We have what's considered a code of health: Word Of Wisdom.( ) Check it out.

Are mormons allowed to use electricity?
No we're not! I'm actually typing by candle light as two else run on a treadmill in the corner. My computer is hooked up to the treadmill as their running provides the juice to my laptop connection.
Yes we are allowed to use electricty.

Why do mormons eat SO Much Jello? Are you kidding me? What is more easy, cheap and tasty to feed to your 8 kids? Nobody but J-E-L-L-O~

Are mormon allowed to wear swimming suits?
For sure.
Swimming in long underwear seriously drags you down. Clothes get heavy and itchy and bleh, when wet. Of course we can wear swim suits. Tastefully fitted and not revealing too much.
Let me just mention about LDS women and their clothes and the choice to be modest. This is my opinion. My body, although it belongs to me, is on loan from God to help me accomplish what I need to before I return to him in spirit. For me to put graffiti on it, scar it, mutilate it purposely in any form would be wrong. God willing I'll be married one day and I will share this body with my husband. It's not for all the world to see. He deserves to feel special and secure in knowing I have was not explored by the world but saved especially for him.

Are Mormons Allowed to Gamble? Is gambling wise for anyone? No not really. We're counciled not to gamble, and for obvious reasons. The loses far outweighs the gains in Gambling and gain... it has addictive properties. How much extra income would we have if we put money in a jar instead of purchased lotto tickets or threw it into a slot machine? It really is a foolish risk. We should not be gambling

Are mormons allowed to carry guns? You betcha! We believe in the right to bear arms. It's in the constitution. Religious laws should go hand in hand with the Laws of the Land. This is how you know we don't believe in polygamy... it is against the laws of the land.

Are Mormons Allowed to think for themselves? Have you been READING MY POSTS? Most of you can see I have a mind of my own, pretty much think for myself and I know that I have the agency to choose from what I believe to be good choices and what I believe to be bad choices. Most of the choices I make are good sense:
Don't drink. If I don't drink I wont ever have to worry about becoming drunk or tipsy or in a state where I'm functioning less than my best.
Don't smoke. Cancer cures smoking. Cancer also cures second hand breathing of smoke.
I enjoy a carribean passion smoothie, a ginger ale, or just plain mandarin orange kool ade. Why would I need alcohol? If I need to take and edge off I'd much rather find a natural way of doing it then some substance that could impair me or render me addicted.
Mormons are Democrats, Republicans, Libetarians, Conservatives, right wing, left wing, chicken wing. We're all types. Some of us voted for prop 8 and some of us against it. I drive a Chevy Malibu, my sister and Daughter both drive Hondas. Some mormon's don't let their kids date til the age of 16, others til the age of 18 and some at the age of 14. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors AND thought processes. So yes we do think for ourselves. "Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves."

These are just a few of the more popular questions. for the FAQ's. If you have anymore, let's have 'em. I'll be posting questions a few at a time as I get them ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Half-Steppin the Word of God.

"Even Jesus drank wine." AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I swear if I hear that again I'm gonna smack someone. People say that all the time when I answer the question about not drinking alcohol... "Even Jesus drank wine..."
Shooot! He healed the sick and raised the dead but I don't see anyone doin that!
This is what people say to justify drinking alcohol. I say if you gonna do it, just do it, justifications makes it worse.
But as long as we're here, let's talk about what Jesus did and didn't do. If people are going to justify drinking wine because Jesus did, then I say don't be half-steppin about it. Jesus was Jew, right? Are all these people who are announcing Jesus drinkin the wine eating Kosher according to Jewish law? I say you can't have it both ways. I mean you can't really pick and choose which parts of Jesus you're going to use for examples, He's not supposed to be a convenient means for our sad little justifications that no one really buys anyway.
Ok, back to wine. There is Oi nos which is fermented sugars from fruits. And there is wine meaning fruit of the vine. You know, like grape juice.
This wine was used in the first Sacrament, I believe, at the Last Supper in which Jesus said :
"I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father's kingdom."

I believe that's Matthew 26:29.

So I think there was a reason, a function for the wine making Jesus did.
It really irks me when folks say..."the bible says..." blah blah blah.
and you cant see any evidence of it in their actions, homes or lives. Knowing and quoting the bible and being able to leave it's teachings and be an example of it... are entirely 2 different things.
I guess my point is that I don't believe the Lord wants us to just be able to know his word. It's not enough. What's the point of knowing it if you aren't going to apply it.
I guess it's like having vitamins. You can carry them around all day, read what they do and how they're supposed to work, open them up and look at them all you want and it wont do you a bit of good.
It is only when you take them, ingest them, internalize them and add them to your body that they will do any good.
Again so we're clear, none of us are perfect. Some use that as an excuse to not even try... or be lazy at it and some us it as motivation to try harder. We're all hypocrites, every one of us. But it's not a title we should just give into and be proud of. I think it's something we should be working to rid ourselves of each day.

Lets make this year a year where we spend some time not just quoting scriptures but studying them, applying them, living them.
I know why we're counseled to read the scriptures often. We gain wisdom, perspective and insight with our different life experiences. Scriptures have layers of meaning and understanding. Something I read 5 years ago has a totally different perspective when I read it now. I'm doing a dis-service myself and the Lord if I remain satisfied with my understanding of things as a teenager and young adult. It's important to read the word and read it often. It gives council and comfort in hard times. It gives praise and humility in times of joy. They are a way of keeping us grounded, strengthened and clear minded in times of confusion and unrest.
These days, as we're experiencing a recession, unemployment is high, crime is high, deceit (scams, identity theft)is high. We've got political people selling off positions and religious people exploiting Jesus. It's easy to get caught up in the rapture of worldly things. We're becoming less and less spiritual and human beings with our unnatural obsession and attraction for things. We are neglecting our brothers and sister because it's become inconvenient to call, drop by, or spend genuine time with them. We've twisted and turned the teaching and doing of Jesus Christ to justify our current selfish desires. We can't pick and choose the parts of the Gospel we want to apply to our lives and justify/compromise the rest of it off, as if God don't know what's up with that.
He knows. And usually so do those around you. So next time you say... "even Jesus drank wine..." Try fasting for 40 days and 40 nights and THEN I will personally come and quench your thirst with some wine.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I honestly believE when we ask for things, especially from Heavenly Father, we seriously aren't ready for it. Seriously how many of you just said... "Uh uh, girl, I am READY to receive my blessing! I wouldn't have asked for it if I wasn't ready for it."
I must admit I've been there a few times myself. I ask for something, thinking I'm ready to receive it. What I've realized is, is that I'm ready to have it, but not ready to receive it. "Ready to have" is a totally different than "ready to receive."
When you look up the meaning of "HAVE" you see things like:
Possession, control, to take, obtain or get.

When you look up the meaning of "RECEIVE" you see things like:
gain knowledge of, take in, be subject to, have capacity for.

As I'm reading the definitions for the two words, I'm getting a sour taste in my mouth for the word have.

I'm not saying that having stuff in wrong but I'm recognizing the difference in intent between the two words.

To have seems more of a selfish gain. Of one's own accord by. Have you ever heard anyone say "I get blessings from the Lord?" Even when we speak of gifts there is a different feeling about a gifts. "What did you get for Christmas." See what I mean?

I'm recognizing most of us are ready to have, not receive.
To receive requires some sort of qualification. Some work and effort is required on our end to receive, especially from Heavenly Father.

That kind of receiving teaches, gives us knowledge. Asks us to step it up and be required for us to receive and maintain that which we are asking for.
We say things like "I receive blessings from the Lord." When there is significance and value placed upon something we tend to "receive" instead.

Very rarely does the Lord give us something just because we want it. Most of the time we aren't ready to receive it. We haven't put in the effort to qualify for it. Even the good things we ask for. We may be qualified to receive, but are we qualified to maintain it if we do receive it? Are we qualified to deal with and the real changes in the lives of others,if we receive it? We all have an idea of how things may be if we receive what we ask for. But Only God the Father knows what changes it would actually have, which may not be anywhere near what we are expecting or hoping to happen. Would we be qualified and ready for changes we're not expecting if we were to receive what we ask for.
These are things to be considered when we ask for what we thing we want. If what we want doesn't come how we want, do we still want it?
We gain great knowledge in the journey we travel when we receive something.

How willing are we to take that journey? When we are truly willing to travel the journey, then and only then are we ready to recieve. If we just want an end result and make excuses and justifications about why we can't take the journey or only want to make part of the journey or need to do the journey on terms of your own then, my friends, we are NOT ready to recieve. When we are ready to recieve, we will take the steps to do what is needed, WHATEVER IS NEEDED, hard steps, soft steps, quiet steps, loud steps... Whatever steps,

to take that journey that will allow us to recieve what we are asking for.
Sometimes when we get what we ask for, it's not really what we even want to have. It's something someone else has, something we've outgrown, something that could halt our life progression at this particular time. I think before we start asking for things we need to ask how it will truly effect us and those around us (family) and see how it effects their progression.
Recently I've wondered: If I want something for someone else and it is for their greater good, but I have selfish motivation or intent behind it, then it usually doesn't happen. It's frustrating. I tell myself "this is a good thing, they deserve it! They will be truly blessed by it." And it will be true. But inside I'm counting on and hoping for all the benefits I'll have because of it... I'm not ready to recieve, I'm ready to "have."

Seems recently I've been surrounded by more people who are ready to have and not willing to recieve. With this new understanding I hope I'm having less of a ";get" mentality with "recieve" expectations. Because it seriously doesn't work out, and it doesn't serve me and the woman I want to be.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Everyone Can or Should Live in Utah

That's just a fact. Many people have said it. And I agree, not everyone belongs here. This is the place for those who can hold their own. For self starters, high esteem holders and pioneers. It's a place for the tough, the ground breakers and those who have learned to endure.
What I dislike about Utah, is the lack of diversity. It's also what I like about Utah. I live in Utah because if diverse people keep moving because of the lack of diversity, it will never be diverse. I like being a pioneer in that sense. I like paving the way for future generations and challenging people to stretch their minds and open them a little further than they would have.

Each day Utah is growing with different cultures and beliefs. I think it was my visit to the Farmers Market this summer that made me realize what a microcosm Salt Lake City is.

Quite a few people out there think of utah as the land of the Omish & Quackers, and a state full of Polygamized Laura Ingalls in true little house on the prairie fashion. The know there's alot of Mormons here and the myths they carry about the mormon determines their beliefs about the state of Utah:

Myth: Mormons can't watch TV, Listen to the Radio, use computers or have any of the modern convenineces.

Sorry folks this is untrue. Not only can enjoy those things just as the rest of the world, Utah remains on the cutting egdge of technology and technological findings. As a matter of fact the TV was invented by a mormon. To take things a step further, so was the word processor, cd/dvd, radio, video games and many other things enjoyed in the modern world. in less than a 20 mile radious from where I type this are the businesses of Intel, E-bay, Verizon, Discover Card,Oracle. Also about 40 minutes south is Novell and Corell aka Word Perfect.

Myth: Mormons can't drink soda/pop.
Sorry, wrong again. We can and do drink sodas. Some of us even make our own rootbeer and sarsparilla soda. We are encouraged to stay away from anything that may have an addictive element, such as caffiene

Myth: Mormons Can't eat meat
That's just crazy. We eat meat. The first KFC restaurant is in SLC, I pass it quite often. Many of the men enjoy the hunting of elk, and deer as well as fishing. Some people even raise their own. Me? I personally go to the store and purchase mine just as most of the world does.
Back in the day when meat was hard to come across the pioneers would focus on vegitables, fruits and grains in the spring and summertime when they were plentiful to grow, and then would save meat for winter time when fruits, vegitables and grains weren't so easy to come across. When you think of it that way, it practially logical, yeah?

Myth: Utah is full of religious fanatical farmers.
There is some farming. I see more of it in Michigan, my home state actually in terms of big farms anyway. Residences have small gardens, which is again common sense in the money department and organic department.
Even our church leaders are Doctors' Lawyers, Scientists, Editors and such. We really are in a state of industry, Literally. The beehive is the perfect symbol for Utah.

Myth: Utah is full of nothing but mormons.

That's true. This state is full of Mormons, Jack-mormons, non-mormons, less active mormons, dry mormons, fundamentalist mormons... you name it everyone here is some kind of mormon. Dont tell The Seventh-Day Adventist, Catholics, Greek and Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Baptist, Protestant, Penticostal people down the street. They might get upset about it because they will testify to you that they are indeed NOT mormons and they are indeed here in Utah.

Myth: It's against the law to drink or smoke in Utah and they don't have clubs.

Really? Because I've had enough smoke puffin drunks come up to me in the club asking for a dance. Yes there are clubs, bars, pubs and all the stuff you'd find anyplace else. The law that just passed is no smoking allowed indoor anymore. I LOVE IT! That means we can go to the clubs dancing and not smell like smoke!

Oh and the mythe about mormons not being allowed to sing or dance also false. Have you see the Mormons on "American Idol" and "So you think you can dance?" Utah produces some pretty talented people.

Back to my blog Title:not everyone can or should live in Utah. I believe that wholeheartidly. Utah is not the place for the average Joe. It is thriving and cutting edge in so many ways. However it is lacking in others. And so are many other states. I've heard Utah called the Whitest State in the Country. It's almost as though the media plays it out that way because of the Mormon Population.
The states with the least amount of black people in order are as follows:
North Dakota
South Dakota
New Hampshire

Utah is further up on the list than I thought. Utah is a prime location for anyone who has the spirit of pioneering and educating. It is prime for anyone who admires MLK, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman or anyone else who welcomed the chance to make changes needed in this world. The best thing about it is... there is less resistance and an desire to learn and diversify. Not many people can handle that. I welcome the opportunity to make changes for the better and to be a force in the growing of this place. I like being involved on ground floor and first hand events and programs that help Diversity Utah. And I like that my daughter can relate some of her experiences to those of the civil right era in terms of seeing and being a part of some firsts for the State of Utah.
The first black student body president of BYU is a friend of ours. He was elected only 2 years after ole' Miss elected their first student body president. And ole miss is FILLED with the black population.

The first black female Student body president of My daughter's high school refer to me as Aunt Karyn and are my daughter,s best friends (since 3rd grade)My Daughter chose not to run as part of the student body because she wanted to focus on being her Laurel Class president which meant even more to her and made just as much progress as far as church was concerned. They are making history in their own way. I'm not so sure they'd have the opportunity someplace else. It's good for them, for their self esteem and it's good knowing they are making a difference not only in their community, but in the world.
Not everyone can be a Rosa or Malcom. Some people can't stand the heat and should stay out of the kitchen.

Another thing I like about Utah are the hometown and family values. Monday nights all over the state are riddled with family discounts and encourage family togetherness. I like that the whole state practially shuts down on Sunday, the Lord's day. Encouraging worship and rest from every day labors. Remembering the Sabbath day, and to keep it holy. I like the community of sharing and caring. I know that if I'm out shoveling my driveway, one of the neigbor guys will come out in a hurry and help.
I like living in a place where we make quilts for the homeless and have food drives for the community food banks and you can actually trust most strangers. It's your friends you have to look out for! (just kiddin!)
So there in an old time neigborly feeling with ice cream socials and dances at the local Churches and gymnasiums on Saturdays. I like friends who get together on a monthly basis to strengthen ties and bond. And I like knowing that if I'm sick or become bed restricted for whatever reason that my whole neigborhood practically has my back. I can't get that in typical anywhere USA. And let's face it, neither can you. There are some who are that fortunate. But most of my friends outside of Utah aren't that fortunate. And that's ok, some don't want to be. But I do. In a way, Utah has spoiled me: Good Values, Good recreation, Good Health Standards, Good Work Ethic, Good job opportunities. There's plenty of bad, just like anyplace else. But the Good here out weights ALOT of the good other places I've lived.
Not everyone can or should live in Utah. BUT I CAN!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The beginning of each year the world goes into a frenzy making New Years Resolutions. I think we've all done it at some point or another: Written a list of about 10 things you want to work on for the New Year.
Here are the
Top 10 Resolutions each year:
10.Get A Better Paying Job
9. Pay of Christmas Debt
8. Take A Trip
7. Work On Spiritual Growth
6. Try Something New
5. Spend More Time With Family10.Get A Better Paying Job
4. Go Back To School
3. Lose Weight
2. Quit Drinking
1. Quit Smoking

Sound Familiar? Wishful thinking? Broken Promises? Motivational Check list? Seriously what the heck IS that?
It is my thought at people all around the world set forth in the tradition of creating resolutions for the new year and are too tired or hung over on Jan 1st to begin or even remember. In my experience, my goal setting is basically determined on day 1. If I wake up New Years day and didn't spend time in my scriptures or go for short walk to get my blood flowing and heart pumping. Then I will probably have a year full of empty Justifications.

So, are New Year's Resolutions a good thing? Do they set us up for failure or do they really motivate us? What's the point? I do think the majority of those doing new years resolutions are doing it out of "tradition." I honestly believe that if you're really going to do something, you will find a way to get it done, resolution or not. I think it has very little to do with the new year and if the goal is written down or not.
I also think for most that the start of the New Year is simply a hope for better things to come. And most of those hoping for better things to come are not really willing to make changes for better things to come, this is why they simply HOPE for it. I picture Archie Bunker sitting in his recliner watching tv as usually. The Door bell rings and it's Hope with a box full of better things for the new year. All Archie had to do was sit there and wait for it to come. No effort or sacrifice on his part. Hope, of the new year! With better things to come.

Am I against Resolutions? Not at all. I think it's good to take eventory of your life each year. What new thing did you learn to do? What new thing did you learn not to do? What old thing have you learned not to do? What worked, What didn't and why? Am I making the same mistakes over and over? How long is the "to do" list from last year and how much if it actually got done? And how often are the things you want done not getting done or getting done. Get what I'm saying?
Resolutions are more of a progress report in my book and that's not a bad thing at all. It can keep you on track if you let it. It's good to have goals and work toward them or else you're pretty much just floating aimlessly through life. I think couples should sit down and make goals as husband and wife and parents. I think they should sit down with their families and make family goals. And I think everyone should spend some time and make individual goals. And I think progress should be tracked so you know if something is working or if something should be altered. I remember having monthly family council when we were younger. It was actually kind of fun when we did have it. More families should instate this kind of thing.

Another peek at the most popular top 10 resolutions

10. Get A Better Paying Job
9. Pay of Christmas Debt
8. Take A Trip
7. Work On Spiritual Growth
6. Try Something New
5. Spend More Time With Family
4. Go Back To School
3. Lose Weight
2. Quit Drinking
1. Quit Smoking

These are great goals. Nothing wrong with them.

To me, on first sight, this looks like a smoking, drinking, obese, uneducated, faith lacking person who want to go on vacation and then pay bills and work on a better job.

But what would it look like if the priority were changed a little?

Check out this version:

1. Work On Spiritual growth
2. Spend More Time With family
3. Pay Off Christmas Debt
4. Go Back To School
5. Quit Drinking
6. Quit Smoking
7. Find Better Job
8. Lose Weight
9. Go On a Trip
10. Try A New Thing

1-3 is basically the foundation of the family, (3 I see as Debt in general) which is the foundation of the community.
4. Education is the key to success.
And I almost bet cash money that getting 1-4 in order will put into place the steps to take care of 5-8. Because you gain a greater love for your family and yourself and that puts into place or prioritizes the other steps. Steps 9 & 10 are just bonus. Especially if 3,5 & 6 are an issue. Actually taking care of 5&6 and possibly number 8 would probably help with 3 & 4.

Anyway we could sit and analyze this all day. But we wont.

I don't make resolutions anymore. The reason I don't really find a need for it is because if I'm going to do something, and I'm serious about it, I'm going to start implementing it NOW, not next year, not the beginning of the month, not on Monday, but NOW! That's how I know I'm serious about a thing, because it is considered a done deal in my mind, it automatically becomes a part of my behavior. I know if I'm putting off a start date or justifying why I haven't done something, I'm not serious and have no intention of it anytime soon. A life of excuses will take you to a dead end or a cul de sac going in circles.

There comes a time, and the start of New Year is as good of time as any. AS ANY, get what I'm saying? IF you're going to do it, you're really not going to want to wait. It's about integrity, for your own benefit. Each day we tell ourselves and others who we are by what we do. So our resolutions and goals and what we do with them tell us our intention and who we are. I'm in favor of them. But I'm more in favor of doing something with them, and not just having them.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't Get Left Behind In 2009

Congratulations one and all! We've made it outta 2008 and into the glorious exciting mystery of 2009.

I'm not sure where the excitment and optimism comes from, but I'm grateful for it. It's been a while since I've been excited about much of anything. I fake it really well, but nope, not this year.
Im going to try some new things this year that may seem a little selfish to some. I'm calling it prioritizing.
I just recieved a job offer. I took it and am exciting to start January 20th. 2009 is already fabulous!

I'm going to laugh a whole lot more to make up for the tears left behind in 2008. Oh, there's nothing wrong with crying and tears. However these are the kind not worth remembering. And they must be replaced with either tears of joy or laughter.

I'm going to enjoy my friends and family a whole lot more this year. Im going to take a bunch of small vacations and do on a lot of weekend getaways especially when the weather is warm and enjoyable for spring and summer. When people ask me about my summer I can only remember 5 days. The rest is a blurr. Bits and peices are coming back to me now, but it does no me no good now. It's bizaar to see myself in some of the photos of the summer, and not have a clue what the pics are about. It's been interesting.

I'm going to celebrate more! Small events, mediocre tasks, Huge accomplishments, I'm going to celebrate the moments of them all. I want so share in them, create them, expose them, you name it, I'm going to give reconition to things that are lovely and of good report. Maybe because of the state I was in that caused me to see alot of ugliness in the world. People being ugly, self-serving, lying, manipulative schemeing and so on. I've had it, I'm sick of it. I'm not going to put up and tolerate it anymore. This earth, the world is a gift from our Father in Heaven. It's inhabitants are our siblings, it's creatures, our pets. When we fail earth, we fail Heaven as well. And my brothers and sisters, WE ARE FAILING!

I'm going to enjoy youth more. The silliness and wonderment and excitment of youth. I love when I see the youth of the church and the world doing good things, discovering their empowerment and the joys and wisdom of the world.

(chill out people, it's Martinelli's sparkling, apple, grapes and peach juices! I was honored to be gathered by my family and friends and be asked to make the New Year's day toast!)

The last 6 months have taught me the following:
It is ok to take care of others, but not to the point of neglecting yourself.
It is ok to take care of yourself, but not at the point of neglecting others.

People and their needs are more important than things and our enjoyment of them, PERIOD.
Those who care about you, will go the extra mile in finding a way to show it effectively.

People who feel they have nothing to learn, value the their own voice & opinion with no consideration of other's have no place in my life. What would they need me for anyway, they're perfectly happy in themselves.

If you want to do something, go somewhere or obtain something bad enough, you will find a way to accomplish it. 2 years ago I went Hawaii. It was amazing. I would have never thought it could happen. Last year, I saved up and sacrificed a few luxuries and was able to go back to my home town for 3 weeks.

Strength, beauty, and esteem from within. It can't come from another person. Another person can dent it or scratch it, but the core of it comes from withing. Own it, nurture it and keep it.

False security and lack of confidence and manipulation are recognizable to Most people. It's not pretty and is rarely impressive. It's more impressive to keep it real

Before you justify something: see the entry above and then think about your intent. The Holy Spirit of promise DOES testify of truth and WILL allow others to discern it no matter how well you think you're hiding it.

If you're someone who has it all together, has over come their flaws & weaknesses or has few of them, and has reached that point in their life where you're making very little mistakes and have everything to offer then we will probably not be friends. My imperfections, flaws and weaknesses and lack of wisdom will get on your nerves and I assure you that your perfection will get on mine.

If you never find the need to apologize or live under the tent of always being right, I bet you probably also live alone.

Actions have more weight than words. Say what you want, but if you can't back it up with action, I don't believe you, PERIOD. If there are more excuses than consistancies, I don't believe you, PERIOD.

My goals for this year are simple:
I'm getting back to basics. I lost a bit of my foundation. Daily prayers, daily scripture reading was buried in the woes of whatever I've been going through. I miss fellowshipping with my ward brothers and sisters. I've taken myself out of the social aspect of things for a while and I'm ready to put myself back out there.
I've taken my mental and emotional vacation and I'm ready to join the rest of the world again. I was not meant for being a recluse. I was meant to be out and about serving my family, friends and community.
I'm going to have more meaningful and interesting conversations especially with friends and family. I want to discuss and share ideas and knowledge and a learning of and from each other.

I'm dropping petty stuff. If you don't like the way I structure a sentance or relate thing so I can better understand or anything that doesn't relate to my character, integrity, or core of who I am, Then See ya, have a good one. I no longer have room for the petty things that in the grand scheme of things just don't matter. I no longer have room or time for nit picky little quirks that can and should be overlooked.
Everytime I get paid I'm putting SOME money toward some dept. EVERYTIME!

I'm no longer going to apologize for SOMEONE ELSE'S misunderstandings or misconceptions. It's on them, not me.

I'm going to be more visually thankful and grateful for those around me who add positive and loving aspect to my life.

I'm going to learn and prepare more for Heavenly and Eternal things.

I'm going to let bygones be bygones and old acquaintances will be forgotten. I'll make room for people who deserve a place in my heart.

2009 will be Divine so keep up or get left behind.

Big Brother, Little Sister Moments

Big Brother, Little Sister Moments
Hand in Hand


I earned some temporary wings!