Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This would have been tragic

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s'mee said...


However tragic it (definitely) would have been I stand firm in my belief that Heavenly Father is not only all knowing, but merciful. Such nonsense as sealing a slave to her master is surely not a "sure thing" in the eyes of the Lord or Heavenly Father.

As in my friend who, betrayed by her husband of 12 years, was told that she would remain sealed to him, after their civil divorce "in order to keep her in the marriage covenant". He left, had numerous affairs and then married again(after being excommunicated, re-baptized)in the temple. At first my friend was not only horrified but confused how she could be tied eternally to a man who betrayed not only her but their temple covenant! It has been explained to her that "No! [She] would NOT be sealed to a man who on this earth was not true to her, however the covenant between she and her Heavenly Father would remain intact, allowing for her to choose a worthy husband in the future, either here on earth or otherwise. The point being, Heavenly Father held her covenant, but not *their* covenant." It's still a harsh pill to swallow, but once she fully understood why, she accepted the idea.

Miss Biddy, I am sure, will have the same opportunity to be married and sealed to someone *she* chooses freely and of her own will and choice. *If* someone has sealed one person to another person who is not worthy of them, Heavenly Father will make it just, fair, and wholly right. NO ONE can be sealed to an unworthy partner for we all gain salvation according to our own merits. If Prudence is unworthy of Harold, she's out and Harold will be married to an eternal partner with whom he can share an even yoke, as it were. The same for Prudence if the worthiness issues were reversed.

Heavenly Father is ALWAYS just and fair, and we will be paired off with our equal on all points, including love, for that is what progression and families are all about.

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Big Brother, Little Sister Moments
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