Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am having a most joyous year and all I want to do is share it! I'm not really sure what's changed this year, possibly me?
I woke up this morning with the light of the sun kissing my face before I even opened my eyes.
I smiled, "Thank You, Lord for this beautiful day I'm about to begin" before I opened my eyes and rolled outta bed this morning.

Here it is some 12-13 hours later and I'm still smiling. I laughed out loud several times today and so did some of those around me. There were moments here and there of frustration throughout the work day, but nothing, not one thing that was negative enough to bring me down. If one day can be this way, why not two? And if two, why not four, or a week, and so on? I'm learning more and more the way we allow things to effect us tells others more about us than quite possibly anything else. How we react to truths about ourselves, consequences to our own actions, and what challenges we're willing to step up and meet, it says more about us than we realize.

I wonder, how much better the world and our lives would be if we took the time to focus on our faults, instead of the faults of those around us? And if you find you don't have many faults, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT EVERYONE ELSE. (haha) When we are truly willing to stand in front ourselves in our nekkid truth and see who we really are and what we've become and work towards a desire to become more in the Image of God... only then are we ready for the Lord's tender mercies and blessings.
For some it is easy to come unto Christ. They simply say they accept him into their lives as Lord and Savior and they're done, on their merry way. Accepting him is so much more than stating it. When every aspect of your life leads to him, God the Father and in his son Jesus Christ, then you have accepted him into your life.
Open your closets and your secret places and invite him in. The awesome thing about Jesus, he will meet you where you are. But you have to call and let him know where you are. Oh, he knows. FO SHO he knows. But he needs to know that YOU know.
In having a conversation a while back with someone I care dearly about, he mentioned to me that God has not revealed certain things to him. So I said to him "Did you ask God to reveal?" To which he replied "God has revealed things to me all my life, I'm sure if this were true he would have revealed it to me."

I pray I never get so lazy and ambitionless that I just expect the Lord to come to me and let me know. The scriptures say:
ASK and ye shall recieve
SEEK and ye shall find
KNOCK and it shall be opened unto you

Ask Seek Knock (A.S.K)

We have a responsibility and an obligation to seek out all that The Lord has for us. How sad will be the day of Judgement when we are shown all the knowledge and blessings we don't have simply be cause we were too lazy to ask? And what does it say about us to actually BE too lazy to ask?

I'm searching the scriptures to see where it say: You just chill over there in your laziness and ungodliness and forget about me and I'll be right over to give you all the blessings I have for you.
SIGN ME UP! Ok don't. I rather enjoy searching the scriptures and learning about the Word and how to apply it to my life and share it with others.
I also like the different depths of the Gospel and how they are revealed to us AS WE ARE READY for them.

I'm so grateful for the Joy that is all around me.
I'm thankful for:
Raggedy Ann--Das mah Gurl!
The sun
The snow
Snowing days with the sun shining ;)
My Job
My New Co-workers
My Former Co-workers
The Cleanliness of my home
My Home
My transportation
Pen Pals
Human Touch
Human Voice
Cozy and intimate evenings with people I care about.
The love of people and the love for people
How the love of and for people comes back to me
Not knowing loneliness
Natural highs
Lack of control, knowing God is in charge most of the time
The ability to trust and believe in others
Ambitious People
Those who share their lives and not just take from yours
the ability to take responsibility and not blame others.
Reality slaps
Friends who let me know when I'm outta line. *it is impossible to never be outta line* so if your friends support you in your wrongness, you need new friends*

My Family Reunion this summer!

Fried Chicken wing and hot sauce

Melons... all kinds
Cheese...all kinds.

Puppies that crawl all over you and wanna play even when you dont wanna play
Toilet paper ( you may laugh right now, but when you need it, it aint so funny)
Today I'm even grateful for spiders. I'm arachnophobic. I'm sure God made them for a reason though so who am I to question?

The desire to worship. Some folks dont even have the desire anymore, nor do they do it. They might say a blessing on their food.. when folks or family is around. Praise the Lord for that.

Clean and wholesome entertainment: movies, music, tv.

Seriously I could go on and on and on and on.

I'm starting something this week that will be a monthly thing for the rest of the year. The last week of each month I will dedicate my prayers to my friends and family in need. Praying for Specific people with specific needs. No more "bless my friends." I will call them by name to the Father. I encourage everyone to consider it. Prayer works. Prayer open and soften hearts. Prayer Changes lives.

I also think we don't count our blessings as often as we should. And if you can't find any to count or feel they're too few, what are you doing to be worthy of them?

So tell me folks, what are you grateful for?


S'mee said...

prayer. clarity. compassion. Atonement. fun. chocolate! kittens. beaches.

wow this if fun! i could go on and on!

ShaBANG said...

It is fun! That's what happened to me, once I got started I was flooded with thing. I had to force myself to stop. Those aren't even really some of my Favorite things!

Paul said...

What an amazing blog entry. So I'm thankful that you took the time to post it. Uh... truly amazing...

I'm going to forward your blog URL to two of my daughters.

Keep up the good work!

ShaBANG said...

Thank you, Paul! I love it when someone out in blogland can get something from my mental ramblings. Share me with whomever you please :)

Doug & Laurel said...

I stumbled across your blog on LDS BLOGS. I thought you mighe be interested in a site my wife and I just built called MormonsMadeSimple.com, which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to feature any of these videos on your blog, or just share them with non-member friends. We're hoping these videos will be missionary tools to help members share their beliefs. Anyway, sorry to spam your comments section. I couldn't find any contact information for you on your blog.

- Doug & Laurel

If There Is Anything... said...

Great Blogs, I was very impressed by it. You are a great inspiration to many!

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