Saturday, January 12, 2008

Potato Soup & Little Debbies!

I went to dinner Tuesday night at one of my favorite families in my ward. I personally think they should adopt me, because I just love them as if they were blood.
Dinner with them was the perfect ending to a somewhat CUH-RAY-ZEE Day.

Minutes before heading over to dinner I rec'd a series of annoying calls from my sister's that left me frustrated and somewhat miffed, only find out they were getting information and had just paid off my car. What a wonderful suprize, it left me speechless, flabbergasted and in tears. I'm not usually speechless. But someone paying off my car..... yeah, I was not only speechless I almost passed out!
After the initial shock I was all sorts of giddy and hyper and I can't even describe it. The evens of the last month have been so awesome and overwhelming that my cup truly runneth over.
I went to dinner and when I was asked how things were going I couldn't help but share all the wonderful blessings that I have been graced with over the last month. It was as if I could not contain it. And it bubbled over onto them, they also could not contain it. It was such a great experience to have this family come to tears and fill the same chills and warmth I felt. It was such an amazing feeling! And I've been looking for ways to pass that feeling on to others.
Dinner was great! I'm not talking about just the meal. Although I'm for SURE getting that Cream of potato Soup Recipe! Who know you could have so much fun over Potato Soup and Little Debbies Oat meal cream cookies? The conversation and the people were more than anyone can ask for. We laughed and joked and even sang a little. When Grandma looked at everyone and said.... "its so good being with you tonite!" She was right. There is something to be said about the simplicity of just being in a room with good people, having good conversation, and talking about the good things in our lives. Sometimes we brush off things that are good because they aren't Great. The older I get the more I realize that those things that are just good are actually REALLY REALLY GREAT! I love how simply and comforting the evening was. And when I think of having a nice evening at home with friends and family, I'll forever think of Potato Soup and Little Debbies and the Wilcox's :)


Marc said...

Hi -- just checked out your blog--very nice. This last post reminded me of Emily, in Thorton Wilder's Our Town. Emily dies in childbirth, but is given the opportunity to come back and re-live one day of her life. She thinks she'll choose her wedding day, the best day to relive, and she's told to chose an ordinary day, because, as she discovers, even an ordinary day is filled with more than she could ever imagine. So she chooses to relive the day of her 12th birthday....

Anyway. She finally asks, "Do people ever fully realize life while they live it? Every, every day?" And she's told: Some do, saints, maybe, and poets. They do some."

Aren't we lucky to be Saints? or poets?

Marc said...

PS this is not marc. This is his mother. He forgot to change the computer back to my name. I am Uncle Pepek. :)

ShaBANG said...

Well hello Uncle Pepek :) Thanks for the comments. I think it's really true that we take each day for granted. I hadn't thought about the play our town for years. I think I'll find it and rent it because I really am trying to live IN each day. We forget to do that most times. And yes, we are blessed to be saints and poets :)

S'mee said...

I keep reading through all of your posts, you've got a lot! Any who, I just love you. I enjoy the way you speak and the stories you share. You are lovely.

So much to say after each post, I usually just read and grab the next one. So today I thought I need to say "thanks!".

Miguel said...


Just a word to say that I love your blog. I fell into it by surfing around.

Hello from Belgium,


ShaBANG said...

Hello S'mee! And hello Miguel from Belgium. I'm so glad you all enjoy my writings. It's good to know that occasionally I have something worthwhile to say. And I love your feed back and comments they're always welcomed, and so are you :)

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