Saturday, January 5, 2008


2008 is here and I'm excited. I'm excited because I feel I learned alot about myself last year and I'm ready to put what I learned into practice. Is is really possible for me to speak with the tongue of angels as Elder Jeffrey R. Holland encourages? Can I really claim those exceeding great and precious blessing Elder Spencer J. Condie mentioned? Yup, the answer is yes. I can because I have and I can because I have. So many wonderful things manifested themselves to me and I'm excited about them. I have been told by my current bishop that I have a purpose to testify of the Lord's grace and love. I believe that and I will do it. Just by being born we are entitled to and have Heavenly Father's Love. Most people cannot fathem that. God loves our beloved prophet Gordon B Hinckley, The President of the United states George "Dubyah" Bush, Kanye West, Lindsey Lohan, and little old Me just the same. He may have different levels of disappointments but his love for us is all the same. It's a wonderful thought!

I've bought into the Mormon Dream and that's my goal. I may NEVER achieve it or come close to it but that is the goal. I'm been having so much fun being LDS the last few months. I'm not sure how or even why but I love the teachings and the values it brings to my life. I love the service I'm rendered and the service I'm encouraged to give. I love the knowledge that just as The Lord provided his children of old with Prophets to lead and guide them, he would not leave his children of today without that same guidance. And because he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow it only strengthens my knowledge of him Heavenly Father and belief in our prophet even more today. My Current ward is PHENOMINAL. My bishop told me when I was going through a hard time "come and let us love you. The purpose of a ward family is to love you. Let us love you." And they have. There were days when I felt so low I was on the verge of tears. No one knew what I was going through. But it was not uncommon for those around me to come up slip their arms around me and lte me know I am loved and they were happy to see me. often times I would simply lay my head on their shoulder and rest a while. No word needed. I challenge anyone to come to my ward and not feel welcomed. I don't believe it would happen.

I'm more ready to stay away from those things the bring dis ease into my life. I have dealt with some psycho people in last couple months. There is no room for that in my life. There's no need for that in my life. Any one who takes me off my goals, must go. It's that simple. Anyone who loves and respect me will encourage me to keep to my goals regardless of if they agree with them or not.
It is a good feeling to be around people I feel I can trust. It is a good feeling to be around people I can be myself with. It is a good feeling to know I am loved. It is a good feeling to be able to express such love.

Peace is a good feeling! Knowing you're doing the right things and God is pleased with you is good feeling. When God is please with you, everything you do is blessed. Everything you do flourishes. And the beauty and wonder of it is inclusive to everyone you love. It's some thing to always strive for.

I'm focusing on family. I had an amazing Christmas! And my family focused on a couple of other families. And in a way it was crazy because all the families together started focusing on each other. And when people asks us about our holidays we can't wait to tell them what we did and what we gave. None of us really talk about what we got because although we are grateful for ALL we rec'd. Our joy is aways in describing the faces and reactions of those we gave to. I MADE PEOPLE CRY! Usually that happens when I'm mean. My New Year's Eve was equally as wonderful.... and it was CUHRAYZEE! I kidnapped my friends kids for a New Year's Eve slumber party. Ok i'm just going to refer to them as my kid because in a way I feel like they are, I couldn't love them more if they were.
When New Years came I passed out notebooks to everyone and we sat down and wrote down goals we wanted to work on for 2008. They had to come up with 10 goals: 2 of them had to be family related and 2 of them had to be spiritually related. I was very impressed and proud of the goals everyone came up with.
Afterwards we all bundled up and went out side and took a short hike. We were close enough to a field that looks down over the Valley and directly across from us was the Jordon River Temple. There we stood in the freakin freezing cold. Our breaths surrounding us like a smokey fog. It was quiet.The lights were the city below were dancing as if to celebrate the New Year. I sort of looked around at everyone and everyone was smiling. 2007 had been so tough on all of us. Frankly I think we were just all glad to be closing the door on it. I believe it was the 14 year old who said.... "you know 2008 is already better."
"amen" I said... "Amen" We walked and laughed and sang until we started to burn in the cold then we went back into the house.
One of my goals was to try and have family prayer each night. I asked the other kids if they wanted to join us and they nodded! We all knelt in the living room and I said since it was my ideah, I'd say the prayer. Flashbacks of being 10 years old came to my mind. As a family we would kneel in prayer... and just before someone would get the giggles. Then we'd all get the giggles. This would last for about 20 minutes sometimes until a parent would get so exhasperated with our lack of control and anger would show up.
I took a deep breath to being and I busted up! Which in turn started everyone else into fits of gigles. About the 3rd time it happened it was the 6 year old who said... "HEY! We're trying to pray here!" Which in and of itself is funny! It worked, he jerked us back into reality and we were able to have family prayer. And the night carried on with the rest of it's fun events until we finally fell asleep about 7 am. It was awesome. The next day, awesome. I've never seen those kids laugh as much as I did during the holidays. It was heart warming. I wanted to find way for it to happen even more for 2008.
I've alot to look forward to this year. I don't intend on letting too much get in the way of how great of a year I'm planning on having. 2008 is a psycho free zone!

Lets have many great adventures this year!

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