Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fraternaties & Sororities

My Daughter and I were watching "STOMP THE YARD" the other day. The language was somewhat to be desired but it was a pretty good show. I can remember going to the parks on Saturday growing up and watching the step teams practice and do their things. I miss it. Steppin' is a big time feature of the black fraturnities and sororities. I've always wanted to belong to a Sorority. My Grandmother was part of the AlphKappa Alpha's. So is my Sister In Law, the same Soro. My Younger brother is member of the Omega Si Phi It's pretty cool to watch him and his wife do what they do in their organizations. I've got twinge of jealously. Well I had a twinge of jealousy. Until I go this fabulous idea the other day :)

I went to the Church Distribution Center to get a couple things and renew my church magazine prescription, bought a couple of books and dvd's. And I was walking by the ctr rings. I've got about 3 different ones some place. The Hawaiian one was pretty cool. I also liked the Korean and Hungarian ones.

But what caught my eye were just the regular one's they hand out in primary. You know the kind that turn your finger green? yeah they had a bunch of them in different languages. What caught my eye was the one in Greek! It looke like a real Frat or Soro ring.

Anyone who knows me knows my imagination is outta control wants it gets started. I'm staring at this Greek CTR ring and I'm really diggin it. I tell myself.... you know what? I AM part of a sorority:
CTR: Chi Theta Rho!
Ok so it's not a literal translation but it's was the closest I could find.
I'm marketing this to be my new sorority! Anyone can join they simply need to have a desire and show evidence of choosing the right or wanting to choose the right. And I'm heavily recruiting. I'm even going to buy some of the rings to pass out to sorority sisters and frat brothers. How cool would it be if none of us were ashamed to wear that little primary ring that turns your finger green and make a firm stand to choose the right? I'm game. I love the thought of belonging to a World Wide Sorority/Fraternity organization. I thing it'll be the topic of my next Youth Fireside...and I'm going to pass out the rings to all the youth how cool would THAT be?

I encourage everyone to join... and more importantly to recruit! And for .71 cents you, too, can get your Fraternity/Sorority ring :)


Mark said...


Hey, your posting reminded me of some of my own thoughts about the ring. I was going to just comment, but I ended up blogging about it. MoBoy Blog

Thanks. I only recently picked up your RSS feed, but I've enjoyed reading your posts.

ShaBANG said...

Thanks Mark! It's funny how the simplest things can spark so much sometimes! Hope you join the Frat/Soro of Chi Theta Rho ;)

Pace said...

Haha, that's a sweet idea I'm in! If you dont like the greek idea, has a bunch of other cool CTR ring designs. Check it out.

CarolinaDreamz said...


What a great idea. I'll stock up on clear fingernail polish now.

What a blessing to be able to GO to "distribution."


CTR Ring Shop said...

Haha! That's awesome! I love your blog! You can get greek CTR rings at That's how we'll know if you're a member of the frat, you wear a greek CTR ring! =)

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