Sunday, December 16, 2012


I'm not sure whose "brilliant" ideah it was to make today "wear Pants to church day" for the Mormon women but I'm not following "suit."
This may very well be a black thang.
     I guess thousands of Mormon women are feeling oppressed in their dresses and pressured to conform to what they call social norms.
        I have never felt this way. I think sometimes Mormons folks get confused as to what is doctrine, what is opinion and what is tradition. You would think after reading and knowing the Book of Mormon that we'd recognize the possible harms of following tradition as doctrine.
And be more inclined to seek answers for ourselves.
    The greatest examples are those things such a withholding the Priestood from worthy black members or not being allowed to drink caffeine. These practices went on for years I believe mostly due to traditions passed on and not questioned til years later.
    I've been LDS 40 of my 45 years. I know this makes me a Black Pearl of Great Price!
Some feel that its all I know. But I remember going to the neighbor Penticostle church. It was fun jumping on the Sunday school bus with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood and singing songs about how Jesus Loves me. My Great-grandfather, Reverend Henry Flowers had his own Baptist Church back in the day. I've frequented several of friends and family members and in doing so I am not afraid or pressured into wearing a dress to church. Quite the opposite! I am honored to do so and do it freely by choice.
I come from a strong black heritage, a strong southern heritage, and a strong Mormon heritage. Two of those heritages trump the one on this 'wear pants to church day'.
     I can't imagine having the conversation with my Mama:
" Mama they wearing pants to church today...."
"Who is they?"
"Well its wear pants to church today for the women.."
"What women? Not for no women in MY house. Cuz we don't dress for nobody but the Lord on Sunday. When we enter His house the women of THIS house will give him our best.
I dont know a black woman alive who wears pants to church.  I don't know a southern woman alive who wears pants to church. I'm not saying their aren't any I'm just saying I am not aware of any.
We black folks love dressing up for Jesus!!!  And other important occasions.

We don't all dress to be part of or to go against social norms. We black folks "DRESS" out of respect and Love for Jesus and Heavenly Father.
I'm not surpised to see this sort of thing come about in the church...after all it comes from s place where people would rather dress up for a daily paycheck and show up in jeans and shorts or business casual for your wedding reception. (Yes Mormon folks...weddings and funerals ARE formal or. Semi- formal occasions.)
When I walk into the Lord's house for worship I want to present my best self in attitude, actions and appearance.
If it were a pantsuit Damn skippy I'd be wearing one.
I have 6 days a week to make political statements and market whatever agenda I believe in. However, Sunday is not the day and my Father's house is not the place.
I'm not concerned about feeling oppressed or inferior in church. I was taught the Lords house should be the one place every person should know or feel like they belong no matter their station in life. No matter their appearance. I choose to wear my best. I don't care if you come in boxers and wife beaters or halter an mini skirt I'm just glad you came. Sad to say most do not and may never feel they way.

I'm not saying anyone can't properly worship and learn about the Lord according to the close I wear.  My personal reasonings on wearing my dresses and skirts is I act more appropriately when dressed this way. I'm more readily available to put off the things of the business of the  world and focus on spiritual things of the world. 
    If dressing and presenting ourselves properly weren't so important  I wonder if these same women wearing pants to church would make the same statement of wearing pants  instead of a wedding dress??  Why not do  "not wear a bra to church" day? NOW THAT I can get into. I'd say pantyhose and slips but I stopped Wearing those 10 years ago. (Don't tell my mama)  I don't see the point in this wearing pants movement. I've always felt I could wear what I want...and I have for the most point.

I think people put boundaries on themselves due to traditions because they haven't the eggs or esteem to dare to be their own kind of beautiful. They're too worried about what the ward busy body is thinking or what the ward gossip is spreading or disapproving looks from the pastor, priest, elders or bishops. If I felt I were  properly presenting my self in slacks at church on Sunday no one could stop me from wearing them. But I dress my best for Jesus. And even though I dress my best for Jesus, he will take me as is. Hollaluyer!!!


Patricia Gardner said...

Loved it! What you said is so true. I moved here from Argentina 25 years ago, and have always dressed up for special occasions. It surprised me at first to see how casual people were about a few things, but I got used to it. Thanks!

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Nice blog post. thanks

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