Saturday, November 10, 2012


Final words regarding the 2012 election. I am deeply saddened at the realization of who some people truly are. This election has separated, the nations, friends and family. Which says more about the people, then it does about the Presidency. I've been instructed to  always respect and pray for those in leadership positions regardless of how I personally have felt about them because they will always need guidance. I have been given this counsel from my parents, church leaders and even educators.  THIS election I am ashamed to admit who I know. Not by how they voted and who they supported. But by the verbal vomit they display upon the victory or loss of who they supported.  I have heard and seen people who call themselves Christians display so much hate and intolerance and even a refusal to pray for the aid of our nation's leaders for being the anti Christ and followers of Lucifer.  It amazes me that it comes to that depth hate and negativity as to say THIS election is the door that opens up the Second Coming.   If I could throw a reality slap across the United States right now, I would.  WHY does it have to go THAT FAR? Why does the President Re-elect have to be an Anti-Christ? A devil worshiper? The reason the 2nd coming will come upon us more quickly?   Why can't he just be "one more president I didn't vote for who won the election?" Why are those who did vote for him "Ignorant freeloaders who want a hand out?
     IS GOD NOT IN CHARGE? I believe he is.  He was in charge during slavery. He was in Charge during the depression. He was in charge During the Hitler Years....and he is in charge now.  He has a plan. Regardless of how we humans may mess up, HE HAS A PLAN.  AND HE IS WORKING THAT PLAN.  I believe the plan wont a minute before it's supposed to.  I have a hard time believing most of the comments about the election and president re-elect are inspired or prompted by  the Holy Spirit of Promise.   while we point the finger, stand in judgment and wade in hate and negativity WE do more damage to our country than any one president could ever do.  And if you do feel "prompted and inspired" to continue to spew such hatred, negativity, judgement, toward Our President Re-elect and anyone who may have supported him I plead with you to get down on your knees and pray for tolerance, patience, and direction as to what YOU can do in your homes, lives, churches and communities to help get this country back on it's feet.  Talks is noise. Complaining about it to each other doesn't help. Being angry at anyone who voted and supported differently than a waste of time. It is costing people family members and friendships.
   If we truly have faith that Heavenly Father is in charge...and nothing man can do can halt the work of the Lord... then we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for the treatment of those having a differing opinion.      Jesus  is not coming back before he is supposed. In the mean time. We still have much work to do.   IF YE ARE PREPARED YE SHALL NOT FEAR.   I'm not scared.... ARE YOU? 

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Thanks for the post. I did not vote for Pres Obama. He won and he is our president. We should pray for him and his sweet family and support him in righteous endeavors. If we disagree with his positions then we can work to oppose those positions in a civil manner and realize that God is in charge. We should do what we can to promote righteous principles in our civil discourse and in our lives and pray for our president and other governmental leaders.

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