Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Child Of God Went Home Today...

Let me first state I am not a sympathizer. But as a Christian who believes we are all children of God, regardless of how we all feel about him, the truth is Osama Bin Laden is a child of God. And as the world rejoices at his death I believe the Lord weeps for his life. The world has hated him and his deeds. The were indeed of the most kind of evil.
We all watched in horror on 9/11/01

And we Cheered at the promise and threat of revenge. We swore that we would have our justice.

It's been almost 10 years and to the world Justice has been served.
And it's happened at the end of much heated political situation

Amongst my friends I have heard the following:
"Finally got the son of a *****! Have a great time in hell Osama!"

"Did The Apprentice get trumped by Obama's speech?"

There's much rejoicing. We Rejoice in the name of REVENGE! We Rejoice in the name of PEACE! We rejoice in the name of KARMA! We rejoice in the name of JUSTICE! And why not? That S.O.B Osama Bin Laden was killed. It's been long coming and the American public has waited almost 10 years to celebrate the news! It is a time for REJOICING!

OR Is It?

As Christians would this not be a time for mourning? Mourning, grief, sorrow. He, just like Hitler, just like Gandhi or Martin Luther King, or Timothy McVey, Pope John Paul, Gordon B Hinckley, Mother Theresa is a Child of God. Was he evil at heart? Was he a victim of someone else's agenda, hate, bigotry? No one is born evil it is learned.
Think for a minute of what his life could have been like with the right influences and examples if he possessed the same leadership qualities. What good could he have accomplished. What lives could he have blessed had he chose to go another way or lead a different life. There should be anger and weeping at what could have and should have been. But instead there is much rejoicing. I don't post this to judge or chastise or to fault those who do rejoice. I too am caught up in gladness. But I'm also saddened at the life that has been lost. When I say life lost I mean the good that COULD have happened at the hands of Osama Bin Ladin.

As the world rejoices at getting once last villain of evil off the streets and in the ground I just have one question. It's the same question one of my Sista's asked:
Who is going to do our lost brother's temple work?. Where do we draw the lines of our Christianity?
God Bless us EVERY ONE cuz we ALL need it.


Raiven said...

That was amazing sister Dudley. I completely agree with every word you said. I just hope more people could think about it in this perspective.

ShaBANG said...

Thanks Rai-Rai. It's times like this when we who claim to be Christians need to check ourselves, our attitudes and our judgements. It's definitely reality check time!

1Click Hawaii said...

you make some great points!

Amy said...

I agree and I'm glad I'm not the only one who was sad about this. On the one hand, he's like Amalickiah in that he's a horrible person, but then I think that after the thousands of years of human development we still just kill each other and revel in it. Thanks for your post, it was amazing, and I totally agree.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Incredible point. As Sistas in Zion directed me to you -- could you email me, so I could ask you a question? I didn't see an email address anywhere (and didn't want to post it on your FB wall).

Thanks so much!

ShaBANG said...

Hi Laura. Thanks for your comments. My email is

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