Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please Don't Stop The Music....!

This post is mostly in Response to the recent comment left by one of my adoring fans ;)!
DezaRay States:
"I'm lost you say your LDS yet almost all the music in your player is from NONE LDS artists. They are Christian artist that will sing and believe in the trinity, sing about the cross and other things that the LDS faith does not. If you are so proud of your LDS faith why don't you have more LDS music on there? None of the music you have on your player would ever be played or sang in a LDS church."

Thanks for pointing out the music on my player. I'm not sure how many LDS church meetings or firesides (prayer meetings) you've been to but I, and many others have actually Sang some of those songs in or at LDS church meetings,programs, talent shows, funerals, etc.. It may not be what you might normally hear in a typical LDS Sunday Meeting however it's been done. I've personal done it. And because my singing is so bad I've had the pleasure of being with several other LDS Members who have done it with me. For me to try it solo would surely be a sin!

That being said, I don't have MOST of the spiritual music I enjoy on here. I'm very proud of the Grammy Award Winning Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Grammy Award Winning Saints Unified Voices... The Mormon "Gospel" Choir so to speak. I get to hear them ALL THE TIME! :) And They've both covered different arrangements of some of the songs in the playlist.
But I love your comment,because it's 1 example how people think Mormons are.
Because I'm LDS so I should only listen to LDS music, right?
And we can only sing Songs featured in our LDS Hymn books, right?

WRONG! That's just as wrong as thinking If I'm so proud to be black I should only listen to black music because no other kind of music would ever be played or sang at a black Family reunion, right? Meh, not so much. (Remind of to tell ya bout the time we busted out with Billy Idol's Mony Mony about 20 years ago. That was awesome!)

I like music of all kinds. And I pointedly didn't put much of what you might call Typical LDS arrangements of music on here in my first shift of songs because I do hear it all the time and because I put on what I'm in the mood for at the time. Also because just all one type of music doesn't reflect MY personality and this is MY blog. So it's all about me and MY point of view. :)

In the meantime my playlist will eventually be full. I've got 1/4th of the music on it that I like. I have 150 more songs to go. Trust that there will be Mo'tab and SUV, Divine Heritage, Alex Boye, Jericho Road, Janice and Stephen Capp Perry music on it when it's complete. But there will also be some Winans, Al Green, Statler Brothers, and probably some Amy Grant, Point of Light, Anointed, Mary Mary and many others ss well. When I'm moved to add them to the playlist, I will add them.

PS... in our 13th Article of Faith, The Last sentence states: "if there is ANYTHING Virtuous, lovely, or of good report or PRAISEWORTHY, we seek after these things."

Thanks, DezaRay, for taking an interest in my music selection!


S'mee said...

I know for me, I've been LDS for quite some time now, but I wasn't as a little girl. I've brought a lot of my favourite praise music with me and into my family. So along with the typical MoTabs and company we also listen to many of the songs you have listed and then some. Living outside of "Utar" there aren't a lot (read zero) "LDS" radio stations. If you want Christian music, you get it with a variety of artists.

As far as doctrinal differences in the lyrics, I think Heavenly Father really doesn't mind if I'm rockin and praisin the driver's seat, as long as my heart is full of the Gospel of Christ. I try to find the things in common and ignore the differences, song is song, praise is praise. It's o.k.

Mandy said...

I've been LDS my whole life. I love good LDS music but there is nothing wrong with listening to other Christian music. K-Love has the most wonderful uplifting music and it's not LDS at all - but Christian. Like they say on the radio station, it's "positive and uplifting." It's ok to listen to more than just LDS religious songs. You should give it a try. Matthew West, Philips Craig and Dean, Britt Nicole, Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman, etc. - they are all uplifting and wonderful and help me to consciously be thinking of Heavenly Father throughout my day. :)

Mark LDS Music Hansen said...

As a rocker, and a church member, I'm in a tough spot. There really isn't anyone out there doing a lot of rock, especially the harder rock, with LDS-oriented lyrics. So, I've had to do two things: One, listen to a lot of Christian rock, like Stryper, Petra, DC Talk, and Third Day. Two, I've made LDS rock myself: Take a listen at markhansenmusic.com.

Thanks for letting me do the shameless plug.

PS, I also love the Mo' Tab, and Saints Unified...

搖滾 said...
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