Friday, November 27, 2009


Well folks! The cloud called PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that has been shadowing my mind over the last year and a half it started to part somewhat. I'm having streams of sunshine through the clouds begin to shine more and more lately. This is a good thing, I love when I have my "A-HA" Moments.

I've been robbed of 2 summers (this summer I had swine flu/pneumonia as I've addressed before)and what I remember of last summer are the pictures others have taken of me as well as bits and pieces of here and there.

My short term memory is kind of jacked up still. If I'm stressed or upset or even really can for get it. I appreciate my family and friends being patient with me asking things over and over and over. They've really been good sports about me and my issues. IT's kind of funny, finding Ice cream in the dish washer and my keys in the toothbrush holder. I still have no idea where the majority of my winter clothes and boots are. It'll be fun trying locate those things. Life is interesting with me lately. I like being a huge mystery!

I Am ready for this holiday season, are you? I don't mean the presents or gift wrapping or the cards. But I'm on a mission this year to create some AWESOME Memories this holiday season... I'M TIRED OF NOT REMEMBERING STUFF!
I declare Today, November 27th 2009 - January 1 2010: FUN AND FABULOUS HOLIDAY SEASON! I've got my digital camera ready with extra batteries. Got my snow boots! Still gotta find that winter coat.. haha! But I'm ready to go out this Holiday Season and have a good time. Im not soo sure what all the entails yet, I have a few things I want to check out around town that sound really cool. But for the most part, I'm just going to randomly head out and whatever happens is what it will be!
I like the idea of not getting so wrapped up in the commercialism and just bringing simple kindness, smiles and memories to people. I want to gage "just how much" it takes to bring a smile to someone's face or a laugh to their voice.

I'm ready to build snow people and snow forts and go tubing and sledding and watch hockey games and go caroling and collect for the food banks and drop off homemade candies, breads and cookies to the neighbors anonymously and steal kisses under strategically places mistletoe all with the sounds of the season as my soundtrack and the weather as my back drop.

I'm ready for this holiday season. I don't want to miss 1 thing about it. Not even the crazy weather. Im forcing myself out of the house and into the Holiday Season.

If you, too, are out to create some awesome memories, take your camera! And be sure to come back here and share some of them :)


S'mee said...

Sweet sweet AMEN! I was in a car accident a few years back...kind of whacked the wahoo outta my short term and since then the kids/hubby wonder what the heck is up with mom? That and the body aches kept me at bay.

Last year I was in so much pain I decided to put up 1/2 of a tree. Seriously.

This year I am back with a (she-)bang! I already have 16 trees up, 4 completely decorated and signed up to be in a very informal Christmas Home Tour. So I am working through the pains and tired slowly, a tree a day is all I ask! But this is what I used to do...I want to do it again!

I am SO glad to read your post! I am excited to see what other good news you have to share this season. hugs.

ShaBANG said...

S'mee! Thanks for your comments! I love them and the support as always! I feel bad that my blog has been one of the things that I've had to just let go of for a bit. I hope 2010 brings me back, I miss bloggin!
P.S My Nickname is "shaBANG" ;)

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike........................................

Anonymous said...


Big Brother, Little Sister Moments

Big Brother, Little Sister Moments
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