Thursday, March 26, 2009

Permission to be FABULOUS!


"Thank you for calling Consumer Choice! My name is Karyn, may I have your name and member ID# Please!" It is how I answer the phone 8 hours a day M-F. I happen to LOVE my new job and I love what I'm doing. So I answer the phone joyfully and enthusiastically.
"Hello Miss Karyn... My name is James Ross, how are you to day?"
"I'm FABULOUS, thank you! How about yourself?" was my response.
"FABULOUS?" he said?
"Yes, I am FABULOUS!"
"Really?" he responded? "HOW COME?" He sounded shocked and perplexed.
"Well, I woke up this morning, so that's a good start. And I had a job to come to."
He began to chuckle!
"And I have close on my back, a roof over my head..."
He interrupted... "and food in our fridge..AMEN?"
And I said... "AMEN!"
"WOW! Miss Karyn! Well talking to you has already made me feel good today"

"Then my job is partially done,"
I laughed

He said... "you ask most people how they doin and they say stuff like 'I'm a'ight' or 'good'. something like that. But are FABULOUS! And that just makes me feel soo good. Miss Karyn. I ain't never met anybody fabulous before, I like it!"

"Don't it feel good James?" I asked
"You know, it really really does! I think I'm gonna go out and be fabulous today too!" He laughed.

"You have permission to go be fabulous and make as many others as you possibly can fabulous too!" I told him with authority!

We never really did get down to the reason of why he called me that day and what he really wanted.
He SERIOUSLY could not get over the fact that I was fabulous and that he now felt fabulous. I mean he seriously could not get over. It was funny on my end I was seriously crackin up. I was laughing at the fact that he was so perplexed and then so over joyed about how good he was feeling about it.
He said it made his day. I know it made mine, my co-workers and I laughed about it all day.

That evening at dinner with my sister and some friends we were discussing our day. When it came my term I told them my days was FABULOUS! They wanted to know why so I told them my story and how my customer just couldn't get over the fact that he met someone fabulous today for the first time in his life and how he went on and on about it.

I kind of noticed the other tables looking at us because we were laughing and joking in our usual way.

Our waiter came buy to refill our water glasses, bumped into my shoulder and spilled a little on the table. It was no big deal. He apologized and then said... "I was trying to get some of that FABULOUS to rub off on me!" And we all started laughing.
Well the rest of dinner was absolutely Fabulous. Fabulous this and Fabulous that.

When the other members of the serving staff came to check on their tables you could hear "Fabulous" hear and there which would send everyone in the dining room into fits of laughter. I tell you... it was FABULOUS! I asked the waiter to box up the remainder of my dinner. He brought my left overs boxed and in a bag and we made sure and gave him a FABULOUS tip and we were on our way.

After dinner we went to a Grizzlies Ice hockey game. They lost but it was such a great time. Absolutely Fabulous!

At the end of the evening we all went home and put ourselves to rest from such a wonderful day. It's not that anything spectacular happened, just the typical everyday things. I simply woke up in a wonderful mood (as I seem to do daily) and for the most part decided to share my good mood with others. I WAS Fabulous!
And in doing so it gave everyone else around me to be FABULOUS!

If everyone decided to be Fabulous for the day, not matter what, think of what a day it would be? If folks decided not to let someone Else's bad mood or bad attitude effect how well we would do our jobs or decided our own mood, our days, jobs homes and all that is around us would be so much better. We would wake up excited to see what great things we could make happen out of another day the Lord has given us!

I've felt this way for about a month now and it really really works. I go to sleep excited to wake up and actually decide what kind of Fabulous I'll be for the day.
Sometimes I'm Ghetto Fabulous. Other times I'm Super Fabulous. Today was a fabulously funny day. This weekend I'm going to be redneckishly ghetto fabulous and check out a farmers auction. WHY? you may ask? Because I can and I've never been. Sounds like a fun thing to experience. Besides I got nothing else to do this weekend so why not?

I pulled out my leftovers from the restaurant the next day and smile at the thought of Mr James Ross literally trippin out because he'd never met anyone fabulous before.
As I pulled the box of food out of the restaurant bag Written on the top of the box were the following words: "Have a Wonderful night!" It was signed by "JAKE THE FABULOUS", our waiter. AWESOME!

Next week starting on March 30Th I'm starting a week of FAB-U-LUS! I'll be taking pics of what fabulous looks like as well. No matter what happens I'm going to react and respond FABULOUSLY! You have my permission to do the same. BE FABULOUS!


Jesse Harris said...

This makes me think of that Nutrigrain commercial that's made the rounds for years ("I feel GREEEAT! YEAH!") and I can't help but feel good.

ShaBANG said...

SUHWEET! My Fabulously evil plan is WORKING!

backandthen said...

I am not sure but I think it is the first time I am commenting on your blog (you can check out to correct me if I am wrong). I have been reading your blog a couple of times but never felt really like saying anything because I thought you were cute but far from my life (no offense intended, I don't comment on my sisters' blogs either). I have to comment this time because this post is the best post I have read in a long time over all the stuff I read.
This one really touched me, probably because I am feeling a little low these days both because of my life and because of some of the hard things I see some of my most beloved friends going through. I guess this is now that I need to be a little more like you...

ShaBANG said...

Well... THANK YOU! I say that with sincerity. I'm glad you found something worth being touched about, that's a great thing. I hope you feel moved more often to share your thoughts. And no offense taken if you don't. :)

Kristin said...

It's amazing how much you remind me of my mom sometimes! She always says things like "fantastic," "or I couldn't be better," etc.

By the way, that photo of you is fabulous. Wow!

BYU Women's Services said...

This sure put a smile on my face. Keep doing what you do.

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