Thursday, February 21, 2008


With Easter a month away I and with a conversation held to today about religion and my belief in God the Eternal father and in his son Jesus Christ, I felt the need to "rebroadcast" this peom from my "floetry" blog.


Our father’s love
our spirits bought
he sent his son
to pay the cost.

The angels cheered
the angels sang
soon would come a king to reign

The Heaven’s rocked
and the heaven’s rolled
we found salvation for our soul

He grew to serve
Within the masses
Touching every life he passes
the sick he healed
the weary he held
picking up
all those who fell.

he walked the waters
the mountains move
evil departs when he comes through
the creatures hush
and elements silence
at the majesty of his excellence

he gathered all
no soul emitted
through him each one
would be acquitted

The Saints did sing
and the heaven’s roared
Cheering our Hero
for ever more

The hand of a baby
the hand of a son
outstretch to reach

they healed the sick
they carried the weak
they feed us the food
that we would seekt

hey clasped in prayert
hey bled in pain
then pierced with nails
they bled again.

His eye’s with sorry
then they raised
looking toward heaven,
he easily forgave

Born to die
so we could live
eternal life he came to give

Then Heaven’s rocked
and the Heaven’s rolled
we have salvation for our soul.

K.M.D © 12/4/2006

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